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The poster is one of the most clever ways to decorate an interior and create a unique modern atmosphere! There's nothing more effective than putting up a few high quality, trendy posters to freshen up the look of a place. Homes, offices, shops, professional spaces; all walls lend themselves to poster art. At Scenolia, we bring you the latest fashion-forward posters to spice up your home. Be sure to have a look at our selection of posters, and find the one that will match your style! Let's take a tour of posters that are currently fashionable!... From pop culture to Scandinavian design design, abstract forms and photographers' works, we'll explore the latest trends!

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Find stylish posters on the Scenolia website

To support you in your decorating mission, we publish collections of trendy posters and print in high definition on PVC-free paper. Choose a stunning poster in a few quick clicks. Whether you want to decorate your living room, your bedroom, or the office, these products come in many different styles, formats, and colour combinations.

Scenolia, the European decoration brand

We've been decoding and discovering trends since 2006. That's a lot of experience! And we still have the same passion for home decoration. Prismaflex, our parent company, is an advanced large format digital printing provider that uses eco-friendly practices and eco-friendly paper.

Put your personality into your home or office with Scenolia wallpapers, posters and canvas prints. Scenolia products are of the highest quality, environmentally-friendly, and durable.

Trendy ideas for your modern interior design 

Don't be afraid to use graphic and colourful posters 

At our design studio, we have been inspired by all forms of contemporary art from pop art to cubism, from abstract to ethnic design. This season, we're embracing graphic shapes and cheerful colors posters to energise our daily lives. If, like us, you're convinced that decoration has a positive influence on your mood, go ahead and make a change! 

Frame your poster with a designer frame 

Make your poster stand out by displaying it in a beautiful, minimalist frame. If you're looking to give your visuals a little more cachet and protect them from environmental factors, try this trick. A frame is a decorative element in its own right! For a modern look, opt for a slim, flat frame made of wood or metal. Remember to leave a breathing space around the poster. This is achieved by framing the artwork with a passe-partout. 

Whether it's an artistic photo or a famous name in painting, your poster will look like it came out from one of the finest in art galleries. 

Best selling XXL posters: nature, grass, flowers and beach 

Our many years of experience in quality large format printing has transformed the interiors of thousands of people. We are specialists in high quality large format printing, with an expertise in creating poster-panoramic prints. The installation of a giant Scenolia poster is within everyone's reach! We deliver full-size wall decor in one piece for easy installation, without any connections and without the need for professional help. Don't hesitate to create an unusual setting! Enjoy a breathtaking view of the ocean from any room in the house. Imagine a 4 metre poster of tropical jungle in a public space, on the back of a shop checkout or in a company office... a total biophilic immersion.

Top Scandinavian style posters

Are you looking for some peace and quiet? Scandinavian-style living is a trend that can help reconnect you with the essentials. Give your space a soothing, tranquil vibe by adding pastels, natural colours and a minimalist aesthetic. A trompe l'oeil wood-effect poster to warm up the atmosphere in a room or a wildflower poster to brighten up a bedroom are great ideas; little by little, bring well-being into everyday life.