Trompe l'oeil poster

Our trompe l'oeil posters will amaze you with their sense of depth or realistic material effects. Scenolia's paper and canvas posters are high-quality, pinnable decorations that will make your walls look beautiful. Give in to temptation and find an image or photo that transports you to another place. Give your room volume with imitation textures.

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Transform your interior with a large format trompe l'oeil wall art

A trompe l'oeil poster marks a room by immersing its occupants in another dimension, in another place. With an image opening the wall on a landscape in perspective, the trompe l'oeil xxl poster makes travel! With a brick or stone wall deco, a trompe l'oeil window, a wall poster with the illusion of a plant wall, or an imitation glass roof, the interior is stylish. It takes on an industrial or natural connotation.

The living room is where you receive your friends and guests. It is highlighted by a 3D trompe l'oeil poster, which will reveal your personality. You can also expand your living room by adding a modern photo of a bright and chic living room. The effect is stunning! Dare to use a landscape poster in your room, to change your living environment and offer you a trip to the mountains for example.

Be inspired by our decorative ideas and travel through the jungle, the mountain or the sea.