Christmas posters

Your Christmas decorations are in place; you've put up the tree, the baubles and the garlands... What if, this year, you pushed the festive atmosphere even further?
At Scenolia, we have thought of Christmas lovers, those who swear by this magical and enchanting atmosphere. We thus designed a series of posters on the theme of Christmas, to be displayed in your home. The Christmas poster is the ideal wall decor for a merry Christmas!

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Decorate your home for the holidays with our Christmas posters

Try something new with your decorations by using a Christmas poster!

For Christmas, it is customary to decorate the tree with baubles and garlands and to adorn the living room with a Santa Claus and little elves. But also, to set up a nativity scene, to hang socks on the chimney or a wreath on the door and to multiply the lights on the balcony or in the garden. A decoration that is enjoyed by people of all ages every year!

One thinks less, on the other hand, of completing one's decoration with a Christmas poster. It is simple and accessible to find a Christmas poster to cover your walls with.
A large poster is perfect for filling up an empty wall in your living room, hallway, or bedroom. With a simple Christmas design, it will add some holiday cheer to your home.

Enchanting wall decoration with the Christmas poster

Christmas is a time of celebration, presents, family time, snowy landscapes, decorated trees and snowmen. We wanted to highlight all these evocations in our range of Christmas posters range, available in non-woven paper and textile canvas.

Find our mischievous snowmen posters dressed in hats and scarves, or our Christmas tree that shines with a thousand lights. Admire the beauty of a snow-covered wood on a winter night or a ray of sunshine that melts the snow piled up at the foot of the trees. Display a poster of a fireplace warming a living room adorned with beautiful Christmas decorations; a poster featuring a pile of logs for sweet and cosy winter evenings. Complete your Christmas wall decorations with a vintage poster, or with a beautiful image of the northern lights above the Icelandic Sea.

Choose your Christmas poster from a variety of styles on Whether you're looking for a realistic photo, a modern illustration, or a vintage design, we have something to suit your taste. Our posters are printed on high-quality textile canvas, so you can enjoy your favourite Christmas scene for years to come.

Bring the magic of Christmas into your child's room

Your child is amazed by the Christmas lights and decorations? He has made his list to Santa and helped you decorate the tree? Now add a little bit of Christmas spirit to his bedroom!

In order to make your Christmas perfect, we have the perfect posters in our collection. We also have posters for the little ones so that they can enjoy the holiday season.

Our panoramic posters highlight the special atmosphere that children love so much. The snow falling on the houses, the trees with branches bending under the weight of the flakes and the happy snowmen made with love by the children.

These delightful and clever little winter creatures are the subject of a Christmas poster. With their carrot noses and twiggy arms, the snowmen in our illustration are wearing a waistcoat, hat and scarf. They appear to be dancing merrily under the falling snow.
Your child will love to display this cute illustration in his room and these little characters will help him wait for Santa's arrival and gift-unwrapping.

A wall poster has a lots of advantages

It is not always easy to know which type of wall decoration o turn to. Wall posters are an advantageous covering, to say the least:

  • They bring an original touch to your interior decoration, not to mention that they are easy to put in place. To hang Christmas posters on the wall, use pushpins. They will hardly be seen and will provide excellent support for your posters. With the poster, enjoy an easier pose than with traditional wallpaper. With the poster, you can enjoy an easier pose than with traditional wallpaper.
  • Reusable: the Scenolia posters are designed to be easily removed. They are made of high-quality fabric, so there is no risk of tearing poster when removing it, and you can fix it to another wall without any worries.
  • High print quality printing: for a more realistic Christmas poster, trust in the high quality of Scenolia's posters. Produced using the latest professional HD digital printing technology, our posters offer an incomparable rendering for a Christmas decoration. They are also perfectly resistant to light.

How to put up your Christmas poster?

Putting up your Christmas poster with Scenolia has never been so easy!

To do so, simply follow the steps below:

  • Display your Christmas poster on the chosen wall.
  • Make sure you have tacks (accessories not included).
  • For optimal hold, place a pushpin every 30 cm for XXL posters. For smaller posters, it is recommended to place a pushpin every 20 cm or so. Start by pinning one of the upper corners, then move on to the entire top edge of the poster.
  • Continue placing thumbtacks along the sides of the Christmas poster and finish with the bottom edge.
  • you just have to admire your new wall covering!

Please note that you can also attach your Christmas poster with double-sided adhesive strips. The distance between the strips will also be 30 cm for a large format and 20 cm for a small one. One more potential fix is to use wallpaper glue. This type of glue is applied directly to the wall, similar to how you would hang wallpaper, for a more seamless look.