New York poster

Our large posters show New York City from every angle: Brooklyn Bridge, the Statute of Liberty, the Empire State Building, charming New York lofts, penthouses, legendary yellow taxis, Central Park... and many many more! Our top selling New York themed decorations will never stop surprising you.

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New York decorating trends

New York is as fascinating as ever! That's why photos or images of this coveted world city are always top sellers in the decorating industry. The Big Apple, a cosmopolitan city with many faces, captivates with its immense buildings and its active heart day and night. New York life inspires the American dream.

The poster gives a chic and modern touch to your wall decoration. Thanks to this ideological city, your guests will be amazed by the huge decor, whether it is in your living room, dining room, bedroom or office. The New York xxl poster has become an almost timeless decorative element and is a must-have at Scenolia ?. Discover many urban photos: large poster of the Brooklyn Bridge, giant poster of the skyscrapers surrounding the Empire State Building, photos of yellow taxis, black and white New York poster...

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Panoramic poster New York

New York will be a trend in decoration as long as it is a city of dreams! So it's not going to stop ?. Dare the giant wall decoration on the New York theme, it is in the movement of today.

New York, located on the east coast of the United States, is the most populous city in the country with over 8,500,000 inhabitants and is also very important in the whole of America. The English-speaking city is at the forefront of innovation in many areas: New York is cosmopolitan and is home to over a hundred different nationalities and cultures. New York, known as the Big Apple, is both a great city to live in and a major tourist destination for holidaymakers visiting the United States.

Giant poster view of the Empire State Building

The Empire State, this building is one of the greatest symbols of New York. The 102-storey Manhattan skyscraper rises to 443.2 m. The building offers a panoramic view of the city. The urban panorama is very much in evidence in the decor. The journey doesn't end there, because New York is also the great Central Park, the yellow taxis, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan district... The New York decoration is rather masculine, with straight lines that structure the image. A feminine touch is added to these visuals with brighter shades of colour, pictograms and small overlay elements. There are images of panoramic New York for all tastes. We love this dynamic city that never sleeps!