Red poster

Looking to bring some red into your home? Choose from one of our red posters below! Red is the colour of passion and romance. Luminous and flamboyant, it will bring undeniable style to your interior. Dare to use this decorative colour on the walls in your bedroom, living room or kitchen: red works perfectly in these rooms. A red poster lends itself to a dazzling, stylish wall decor.

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Our high-quality red design posters

Scenolia, a french-made wall decor company, has a number of stylish red posters available. Our French know-how ensures print quality, even on large and panoramic images. Our art studio carefully selects high-quality images.

Scenolia red poster styles

Scenolia offers around twenty red poster styles. Door posters, panoramic posters, even giant posters to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or living room. The styles we have available are easy to adapt to every part of your home. A library filled with old books, autumn landscapes, a brick wall, world maps, zen landscapes, flags, sunsets over the sea or in the forest, red patterns, monuments... take your pick from our selection of red-toned images. The stylish images we offer are all based on current and modern decorating trends. Some will have the effect of enlarging your room thanks to their landscape perspective.

What colour goes well with a red kitchen? Pink, orange, black or grey

Red is a bold indoor colour. It's ideal for the kitchen. However, you'll need to combine it with other colours to counterbalance its visual impact. Dark tones such as grey and black, as well as white, complement red perfectly; they really make this bright colour pop. If you choose to inject some well-balanced colour into your space, you won't be disappointed. Our dazzling red posters will be the focal point of your living room.

You can also opt for other colours to complement red, just make sure they're subtle, pastel tones. Pink and orange are two beautiful colours that would really set off a red kitchen, for example. Pink because it's derived from red but mixed with white to lighten the colour. This breaks up the tones within the room in a soft, delicate way, creating a beautiful, stylish result. Orange adds some light to the space because it's a mixture of red and yellow; the colour of the sun. To create an autumn-themed decor, or even to decorate a small kitchen lacking in natural light, this is a great colour combination.

Let your creativity run wild and consider these colour combinations for a stylish, well-balanced decor.