Design wall hanging

Choose originality for your home interior with our design wall hanging. With an easy and practical hanging system, you don't need any additional accessories to hang your new decoration. Discover our design images printed on high-quality textile canvas.

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Many design wall hangings on Scenolia

Wall hangings are very popular in the field of art deco. Why not choose this type of wall decoration to brighten up your home?

Designer wall-hangings: a giant decoration

What could be better than a decorative wall hanging in perfect harmony with your furnishings to embellish your home and your walls? Aesthetically, this wall decoration can make a big difference to your home. To give your wall a new lease of life, it is ideal to choose a bright and design decoration such as the decorative wall hangings from Scenolia. Wall-hangings nowadays are designed to add a modern touch. They can be hung in a few minutes and can be installed by anyone. To embellish your interior, you have a large choice of design images such as illustrations, reworked photos, original patterns...

A touch of originality in your interior design

In interior design, its originality is of great interest because we all want a unique wall decoration. If you want to stand out from the crowd with a home that reflects your personality, dressing your walls with original, designer wall hangings is a smart idea. With Scenolia, you have a wide choice of modern wall hangings to fit all styles and tastes, with images printed on a high quality material such as :

  • The Wildflowers wall-hanging for nature lovers.
  • The Graphic View Paris wall- hanging for lovers of contemporary design.
  • The Douceur 3D wall-hanging for those who love optical illusions.
  • The Japanese banana tree wall- hanging to bring some jungle spirit and a black and white décor. .
  • The Poppy wall hanging for a red wall decoration.

A variety of other images are available in the collection of Scenolia design hangings. You can choose the model that best suits your interior. Whether you have a small or large space, you can find the right format in our shop.