Palm tree wall hanging

With its exotic look, its long-inclined trunk and the sophisticated beauty of its leaves, the palm tree is a must in decoration. It can be used to decorate objects, wallpaper or furniture with a lot of elegance and aesthetics.
Create a tropical decor in your home with a palm tree wall hanging made of high-quality canvas. This wall hanging simply hangs on the wall and decorates the room.

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Bring nature into your home with a palm leaf wall hanging

Nature is a prerequisite for well-being. Looking at a tree, feeling the grass, smelling the flowers, touching the bark - all of these things bring joy and serenity.

At home, the presence of plants and flowers contributes to this feeling of harmony. A dominance of green in a house is a haven of peace and well-being! But to enhance the positive effects of plants, have you thought of combining them with nature prints?

In wall decoration, a palm leaf wall hanging is an interesting idea to transform your interior into a green setting! Two options are available to you at this point: a printed illustration or a printed photo print. Once you have made your selection, all you have to do is choose the number of cactus, pachira, philodendron or bamboo to accentuate the natural aspect!

Palm tree and palm leaves wall hanging

The palm tree wall hanging: for a tropical setting in your living room or bedroom

The sight of a palm tree immediately brings to mind the rainforest, toucans, panthers and lianas. A palm leaf wall hanging takes us into the heart of the jungle!

This feeling of tropical escape will be enhanced if you choose a trompe l'oeil wall hanging. The realism of the palm trees on this wall covering is indeed surprising! In a room, the atmosphere will be so relaxing that you will think you are taking a nap in the shade of the palm trees! In a living room, this decor promises a guaranteed escape without leaving the couch. You can imagine yourself in a far-off land, or simply relax in your own home. Either way, this is a perfect way to add some extra comfort to your life!

Such a jungle atmosphere is also guaranteed with our illustrated wall hangings. Let yourselves be enchanted by the pretty graphics of the tropical forest and its inhabitants. With our palm tree wall hangings, the tropics come to your home!

What if we dared to go black and white?

We tend to associate palm trees with greenery. The aesthetics of these trees are not left out in black and white!

Black and white, in decoration, is chic and modern. If your interior style is very contemporary and you also love palm tree patterns, we advise you to opt for a black and white nature wall hanging.

Scenolia has selected several very trendy black and white prints that sublimate the palm tree and will come to embellish your wall décor.

  • Palm tree as a wall drawing: A luxurious jungle or a paradise beach landscape? The illustrations of our wall hangings evoke exotic places of great elegance. The dark lines magnify the curves and geometry of this tree.
  • The palm tree as a wall print Vintage mode activated with our wall hangings models imitating ancient engraving! These refined illustrations celebrate the subtle details and sophisticated forms of tropical vegetation. These ancient-style prints that are surprisingly modern! For an original and chic decoration!

3 good reasons to choose a wall hanging

You have fallen for a palm tree wall hanging but are still hesitating? Here is a  uick reminder of the advantages of this wall covering in canvas!

Quick and easy to install

At Scenolia, we wanted to make it as easy as possible the installation of your wall hanging. That's why we provide you with the suspension kit! It consists of 2 hooks to be fixed to the wall, and suspension bars, to be passed through the sleeves.
You will be surprised at the speed and ease with which you will have your palm tree wall hanging in place!

A decorating solution at a lower cost

As you may have seen in the selection of palm tree wall hangings, it is possible to get a wall hanging for less than 50€. An interesting solution for small budgets!
With these low prices, you won't be afraid to change your mind, and you can even match your wall hanging to the season or your new interior style! You'll just have to take down old hanging and hang the new one on the same hooks.

Decorating without major work

Do you dream of a beautiful wall decoration but without the disadvantages of wallpaper? The wall hanging is an attractive alternative! Two holes in the wall are enough to hang your wall hanging!
This type of wall covering is therefore ideal for renting, or if you want to avoid major decorating work.