Paris wall hangings

Why is Paris still a source of inspiration in decoration?  Probably because the French capital is full of charm, photogenicity and inspiration.
Add some life to your decor with our wall hangings! The city of light has many hidden treasures that we can rediscover by hanging wall tapestries! This is a very trendy way to decorate your walls.

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Hanging photo tapestries of Paris by Scenolia

A more than realistic view of the Eiffel Tower

You live in a city, but you are not lucky enough to have a view of the Eiffel Tower? How about cheating a little with one of our Parisian wall hangings Paris? This breath-taking view of the Iron Lady will put glitter in the eyes of your guests and project you into the heart of historic Paris. And if you doubt that your loved ones will be fooled, then you haven't yet experienced the amazing realism of our trompe l'oeil wall hangings !

With our fabric wall hanging the Eiffel Tower has never seemed so close and you can admire it every day from your living room or bedroom.

A wall hanging that pays tribute to the unique charm of France's capital

The most beautiful city in the world never ceases to surprise us with its charming streets, timeless street lights and charming bridges. Not to mention its beautiful gardens and the banks of the Seine, which are always worth a visit.

Our range of Paris wall hangings pays homage to the city's rare aesthetic and centuries of history by reinterpreting some of its classics. A street in Paris leading up to Montmartre, with old cobbled streets and street lamps, designer chairs from the Tuileries Garden, or the Pont des Arts bridge with its locks… the best of the capital is available as wall hangings!

Vintage Paris atmosphere at home with our wall hangings

The Belle Epoque and the Années Folles had a profound effect on the capital. These periods of prosperity and gaiety have anchored the city in an artistic and intellectual boom and have greatly contributed to its reputation around the world.

Even today, old posters, sepia postcards and vintage images of the City of Light and its past have become a popular theme in decoration and wall décor.

This is why Scenolia, the leading online decorative wallcovering retailer, pays tribute to old-time Paris through its selection of vintage fabric wallcoverings on the theme of Paris. If you put these in your living room, bedroom, or office, you will seduce both lovers of the city and those addicted to the old style.

The capital city version of street art in your home

Paris is first and foremost a very modern city with a very distinct urban footprint. Graffiti and murals are inextricably linked to the walls of the Parisian capital.

Loved or hated, street art has found many followers in decoration. If you are part of it, you will be delighted to discover our urban wall hanging, pop and colourful. These unique creations will bring joy and color to your home with illustrations of some of the most popular symbols of Paris.

How to hang your Paris wall hanging on a wall?

Our wall hangings measure 60 x 240 cm, 150 x 150 cm and 150 x 240 cm. They are made of high quality acrylic coated polyester fabric. Other noteworthy advantages: they are suitable for damp rooms and have an M1 fire rating.

If you're worried about the installation of your wall hanging, you'll be reassured: This is extremely simple thanks to its suspension kit. In the chosen room, fix 2 hooks to the wall and insert them into the slots of the wall hanging.

Afterwards, feel free to change the wall hangings as often as you like, as the installation is easy and quick. This is good news if you can't decide on your Paris photo wall tapestry!

A 100% Parisian-style decoration in your home

If you want to give your home a Parisian-inspired look, Scenolia has the perfect wall coverings for you. Our selection of designs will reflect your love for the City of Light, creating a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere in your home: decorative wallpaper, privacy screen, but also Paris wall murals and canvas prints. When you love something, you don't worry about the cost because you know it's worth it.