Nature wall hanging

Practical and elegant, wall hangings add a touch of personality to your interior design. It also helps hide small imperfections. Scenolia offers several styles, the nature and countryside range is particularly beautiful.

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Escape to the countryside

You can choose from

an array of nature and countryside designs. After a long day's work, a view froma peaceful lake full of birds will help clear your mind and recharge your batteries. A waterfall surrounded by greenery will raise your energy level. In short, your choice of wall hanging will depend on the mood you're aiming to create. We have a number of styles available on Scenolia, our team will be happy to help you choose the right wall hanging for you!

How to choose the right wall hanging?

Go with your heart

Layout, colours scheme, decor and ornaments such as plants all influence your mood. It's important to treat yourself, so pick the wall hanging that speaks to you, brings a smile to your face and promotes inner calm.

A matching nature and countryside wall hanging

To make your personal preferences shine, it's important to follow a few principles. Your wall hanging should bring different elements of the room together. We therefore recommend that you choose a size that's proportional to the dimensions of your room.

Need help buying your nature themed wall hanging?

Our French-made products are recognised for their quality. Our high-definition printing reproduces every tiny detail with great precision. Our hooks and special hanging kit will make installing your wall hanging quick and easy. Of course, it's vital to take precautions if you're working at height. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about any of the designs we offer. Our team will help you choose a landscape wall hanging that will enhance your home interior