Jungle and exotic wall hanging

Banana leaves dancing in the wind, a colourful toucan in the air, a monkey hanging from a vine. What are we talking about? The jungle, of course! The jungle wall hanging will make your home vibrate with energy and exoticism. It is chic, lavish and very well designed. Choose the hanging tapestry to add a trendy touch to your home.

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Get adventurous with the jungle wall hanging

Adventure and jungle rhyme. Venturing into the heart of this rich and hostile nature can be as dangerous as wondrous.
Until your next trip, dream like an adventurer in the heart of this fascinating and terrifying tropical setting, with a jungle wallcovering.

Experience the adventure of the jungle from the comfort of your own sofa: menacing felines appearing out of nowhere, forests stretching to infinity, lush nature like no other. The prints of our jungle wall hangings are decorated with the most beautiful jungle landscapes to the delight of the whole family.
A wall covering that provides a tropical escape and a feeling of serenity in everyday life.

Bring the exotic into your home

Add an exotic touch to your living room, kitchen or bedroom with an exotic wall hanging.

Do you prefer palm trees or philodendrons? Poodles or tigers? Colourful flowers or overgrown bushes and shrubs? At Scenolia, manufacturer of wall coverings, we have reproduced the most beautiful fauna and flora of the rainforest on our palm tree wall hangings.

You will find our "Animals on the Move" tapestry, which shows the many inhabitants of the jungle, the "Bengal" tapestry, which gives you a close-up view of the delicate Amazonian vegetation, or the "Starlit Night" tapestry, which will make you want to spend a night under the stars in the heart of the jungle.

For your home, choose from our wide range of prints. They are all perfect for an exotic change of scenery!

Jungle and exotic wall hanging

The jungle as if you were there with our exotic wall hanging

Do you want to be close to nature? This is possible thanks to our selection of the most realistic wall hangings made in Europe.  The photos printed on our wall hangings are of such high quality that you will feel as if you have the jungle at your fingertips.

A special mention goes to our canopy walls, which seem to open up to the rainforest. It is tempting to walk over to the other side for a closer look at the banana leaves and deep green exotic foliage.

Our trompe l'oeil jungle wall hangings will bring a breath of fresh air into your living room, office or bedroom.

The beauty of the jungle in black and white

Because there is nothing more chic than a touch of black and white in a home, Scenolia has put together a small selection of black and white jungle hangings at very reasonable prices.

  • An engraving effect for a very graphic look: with this vintage style, the jungle seems to be engraved on the walls of your home. This black and white wall hanging design creates a relief effect that enhances the beauty of this tropical landscape.
  • Sketches with fine and precise lines: the jungle is filled with lines, geometric shapes and patterns of all kinds. It is all the subtle and sophisticated details of this decor that we wanted to bring out in our jungle wall hangings.
  • Childlike illustrations: your little ones will be able to proudly display our exotic wall hanging on their bedroom walls. With this reassuring backdrop, they will fall asleep peacefully under the protective gaze of the jungle animals.

The wall hanging: a tapestry with few limitations

Why opt for a wall hanging rather than a traditional wall tapestry? Because a wall hanging has many advantages!

You will appreciate the ease of installation of this product made in Europe. Supplied with a hanging kit, this wallcovering design available at an affordable price is easily installed using 2 hooks and hanging bars. All you need to do is attach the hooks to the wall and insert the rods into the sleeves.

If you then want to change your wall decoration or go for another exotic wall hanging, it is easier than with wallpaper. Simply unhook the wall hanging and place the new one on the existing hooks.