Red wall hanging

Find the different types of wall hangings available in our catalogue, and discover why red wall hangings are so on trend lately. This decorative wall hanging will mask any visible defects on your wall, while bringing a finishing touch to the whole room. We have a wide range of red wall hangings available, giving you the perfect opportunity to find that decorative element that will quickly become the centre piece of your room.

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What is a red wall hanging?

Whether you're new to interior design or an expert in the field, you've probably heard of wall hangings. But just in case you haven't, let us explain the advantages of this product. A practical to hide wall imperfections, this canvas is not glued to the wall at all, it's actually suspended thanks to weighted bars placed at the top and bottom. It's a hanging decoration in the form of a canvas and comes with a hanging kit. With this product, you'll be able to benefit from a predominantly red printed canvas that'll be perfectly stretched for a flawless result. It provides an opportunity to create a really warm, friendly environment. It's safe to say that a wall hanging is a quick, affordable and practical decorating alternative.

Choose our easy-to-install red wall hanging

A red wall hanging makes a great wall decoration. Take a look at our selection of red wall hangings on Scenolia and create a warm, welcoming interior with this essential decorative element. Choose the decorative atmosphere of your choice from urban trend hangings, floral, trompe l'oeil or zen. Showcasing innovative ingenuity, the wall hanging is also easy to install. Simply screw 2 hooks into the wall and hang your wall decoration in a matter of minutes. Just follow the installation instructions supplied with the product and you'll be done in no time.