Vintage wall hangings

What if we went back a few years in terms of decoration? Add a touch of retro style to your interior decor with one of our vintage wall hangings.
An attractive idea for enhancing ceiling mouldings, emphasising the beauty of wooden furniture, enhancing the retro look of a wall hanging… There is something special about vintage style that affirms our attachment to it. It's classic and timeless, yet always unique.

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Rediscover the charm of old-time photos

Old-time photos are so stylish! Their sepia tint and aged appearance make them trendy and very popular in decoration. A wall hanging featuring old photos is a very good idea to combine a slightly retro touch with a contemporary interior style. Act on it without delay!

Do you prefer the timeless beauty of Paris or the British elegance of London? Whatever your preference, we offer wall hangings with the most beautiful views of these two capitals. They will look great in an interior and make an interesting combination with a modern tapestry.

A vintage wall decoration that is a mix of styles

Does your house or flat has a contemporary style? So why not dare a clever mix of good old days and materials? Break the codes with our vintage wall hangings. For a unique decor that merges styles!

  • Display a wall hanging with sophisticated decorative mouldings in your contemporary living room. They will undeniably recall the charm of Haussmannian flats.
  • Hang in your room a wall covering depicting a large library overflowing with old books. To really immerse yourself in the world of 20th century writers and intellectuals.
  • Display a wall hanging in your hallway that imitates a brick wall with a scraped effect. It will give the impression of a wall aged by time.

A wall hanging with an old school poster

Retro posters have never been so trendy. At Scenolia, we offer you a selection of antique wall hangings that reinterpret old ski posters. These wall hangings offer a glimpse into the 1930s, the decade that saw the democratisation of tourism in Europe

A punchy and colourful leap into the past that will bring a cheerful decorative touch to your living room. This will contradict the idea that vintage is always represented with sepia and black and white tones.

Old motifs for a vintage retrospective

If you like retro designs and inspirations, then you're in for a treat!

  • Back to Bauhaus with our vintage wall hangings. They pay tribute to this artistic movement of the 1920s. The pure style, straight lines and simple shapes typical of this art are reinterpreted with chic and skill. The famous bright colours of yellow, red and blue are sure to bring light and cheerfulness into your home or flat.
  • Another vintage motif that we were keen to reproduce in a design wall hanging: the tartan. These tiles of different colours, which were very present on the fabrics of the past, are constantly being brought up to date in fashion and decoration. With their chic and vintage plaid look, they will add a designer touch to your living room or bedroom.

How to create a nice decoration with a vintage wall hanging?

The vintage wall hanging will reinforce the old character of a classic interior. To intensify the retro look even further, experiment with decoration. Choose period furniture such as a patinated candlestick, an antique trunk, solid wood furniture or enamelled wall plaques and antique trinkets. You can even complete your wall decoration with a tapestry or a vintage poster. Reveal the vintage spirit within you without further delay!

If you want to combine old and new styles, a vintage wall hanging is the perfect choice. A wall hanging with a vintage style will be the perfect addition to your decoration. The addition of this retro feel will break up the contemporary character of your flat or house. You can use beautiful old pieces and give them a twist with modern accessories and decorations.

How to install your retro wall hanging?

The installation of a wall hanging is very simple. This is why many people prefer this wall covering to a wallpaper, which has to be glued. Each wall hanging is delivered with a suspension kit. This includes 2 hooks to be fixed to the wall. Then simply pass the hooks through the slots in the sheath and you're done.

Our wall hangings are tear-proof and can even be installed in wet rooms such as bathrooms.
You will appreciate the ease of installation and maintenance of our wall hangings made in England!