Do you want to change the wallpaper in your living room, kitchen or bedroom? Is the design likely to last? Before starting to hang the new wallpaper, the old one must be removed. This step can take a while but it's just as important as the installation.
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How to paste wallpaper:

Removing wallpaper There are several ways to remove wallpaper: with a steam stripper, liquid products that dissolve glue, moistening the wall...
but the cheapest way to remove old wallpaper from your wall is to moisten it with hot water and a capful of floor cleaner. You can spray the water on it using a plant sprayer. The hot water soaks through the paper and makes it easier to remove. With a metal spatula, remove any excess glue or paper that may remain on the wall. Protect your floor and surrounding furniture with plastic sheeting for extra safety.

Easy-to-change wallpaper

If you don't want to worry about changing your wallpaper, you'll definitely want to make sure your new wallpaper is easily removed. Non-woven wallpaper is a new material that can be easily installed and removed. Non-woven paper is dry-tearable, i.e. you don't need a product to remove the wallpaper. The paper is easy to peel off and the whole strip comes off in one piece.

Non-woven wallpaper

Choosing an adhesive

It's important to choose the right adhesive to ensure you don't leave too much residue on the wall. Scenolia offers a special kind of glue: ready-to-use white OVALIT M adhesive which can be applied directly to your wall. It can be used on clean, dry and absorbent walls, such as unvarnished plasterboard or wood. This glue, combined with the non-woven wallpaper, results in a perfect finish and is easy to removed if you decide to change your decor later on.

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