Garden privacy screen

What could be more soothing and pleasant than a beautiful, lush garden? Expand your outdoor space or bring greenery to your terrace with our selection of garden privacy screens! A decorative privacy screen is perfect for an outdoor area that is full of surprises!

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A garden that looks larger thanks to garden privacy screening

Hiding a garden from external views, delimiting a space on a terrace, creating a cocoon inside one's garden, aesthetically dressing up a damaged or ugly wall?... A privacy screen has multiple advantages, but did you know that in addition to being useful, it can also be stylish?

Our garden-themed privacy screen set the scene for majestic green gardens. They are real havens of peace in which one would love to lounge. Thanks to the very realistic nature of the selected photos, perceptions are distorted. Thus, placed against a gate, a wall or a fence, a privacy screen will give the illusion of being fully part of your garden! 

In addition to adding a touch of greenery and flowers to your outdoor space, this decorative element will also make it look larger! If you're looking for a way to increase the size of your garden without having to put in a lot of extra work, a garden privacy screen might be a good option for you!

Garden privacy screen nature

The terrace or balcony becomes a green setting

Nature is good for us! There's nothing quite like spending time in nature to soothe your nerves and boost your mood. If you can't have plants on your terrace, consider installing a garden privacy screen as an alternative.

Add a touch of nature to your home with a life-like garden on your balcony railing or terrace wall. This charming garden looks more real than life and will bring a touch of greenery to your home.

A garden privacy screen will immediately make your outdoor space feel like nature, with its abundance of plants, trees, and flowers!

You can choose to mount your privacy screen along a railing or even in a vertical format on the entire height of a wall. Why not increase the number of garden prints and privacy screens around your terrace to make it feel like you're surrounded by greenery?

Do you prefer Japanese, English, or exotic gardens? Choose your garden style

At Scenolia, we want everyone to be able to find what they are looking among our selection of prints. We have made sure to offer a privacy screen for every style of garden so that you can feel comfortable in your own space.

If you are a fan of Japanese-inspired gardens then you will love our Zen garden! Its small curved wooden deck surrounded by rich vegetation will give your terrace a very relaxing atmosphere!

Do you appreciate English gardens? The abundant flora and slightly wild look of this type of garden give it a rustic and romantic character. With an English garden privacy screen, escape into the beauty of a green paradises every day!

Your interior design is rather tropical? Extend this style to your outdoor space with an exotic garden privacy screen! Would you like to immerse yourself in a greenhouse full of tropical plants or rather journey into the Amazon jungle where nature reigns supreme?

Create a cocoon that reflects your own style!

Have fun blurring the lines with a trompe l'oeil garden privacy screen

With a trompe l'oeil garden privacy screen, create the illusion of a wrought iron door leading to a beautiful patio. Surprise yourself by dreaming of opening this door to enter a green garden or a small courtyard with Spanish charm... By hanging one of our trompe l'oeil privacy screen on a fence, against a porch or placing it in a wall frame, you are guaranteed to transform your outdoor space in the blink of an eye!

This optical illusion should also fool your guests. Our photos are indeed amazingly realistic in terms of their high quality!

How to choose and install a cheap garden privacy screening solution?

For your garden privacy screen, go for an occultation grid if you want to let light through. If you are looking for the maximum effect of fooling the eye, choose a printed tarpaulin or a wall hanging.

To attach a privacy screen on a wall, choose a vertical model. If you want to cover a fence or a balustrade, you should choose a horizontal version.

Now it's time to fix it! Our privacy screens are very easy to install. For a wall hanging, all you need to do is drill your wall then insert the hooks into the provided slots. The tarpaulin and grille are simply attached with flexible fasteners at the eyelets.

Good news: our privacy screens are very easy to maintain and are designed to be weatherproof and resistant to outdoor temperatures. All you have to do is enjoy your garden privacy screen in complete peace of mind!