Brown privacy screen

The brown color is both classic and warm. For a natural and elegant look, consider this color when choosing your PVC or grid privacy screen. It will certainly fit perfectly into your garden, on your fence or on your balcony!

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Brown privacy screens for a warm and chic atmosphere

Often overlooked in décor, brown is actually a color with many benefits! This natural shade evokes the earth, tree trunks or autumn leaves and the fur of animals. This is the color of grounding, stability and comfort in Feng Shui! 

A touch of brown color in your decoration will make your living space look immediately warmer and cosier. So for the choice of your privacy screen, why not go for a brown one? With its varied shades, brown rarely disappoints in decoration!

Brown, a natural colour that is easy to match in decoration

Another advantage of brown:  this color goes well with just about any other shade!! So if you haven't settled on an exterior style yet, you're taking no risks.

The choice of brown shade can also reinforce the design of your garden or terrace. If you have created a soft and serene atmosphere, choose a light brown (beige or cinnamon), which will enhance the welcoming character of your exterior. If  you have chosen an exotic decor with a harmony of yellow, red and orange, go for a warm brown screen that will accentuate the tonic effect.

Cheap brown privacy screens: a wide range of designs available on

On a terrace, along a fence, or on a balcony, nature is queen! Our brown imitation wood privacy screen, which gives the impression of a wooden plank barrier stretching along your balustrade, is surprisingly confusing. The same applies to our trompe l'oeil privacy screen which makes it look like a pile of logs, in your garden.

Other brown privacy screen will play with perceptions: here is a thick mesh, which reveals what it hides, like a second skin. This wall privacy screen is designed to look like a real beige stone wall. It will be perfect to embellish a damaged wall. But perhaps you would prefer our faux wood privacy screen illustrated with an old door? The dark wood gives it a very inviting look that will perfectly fit into a garden or balcony.

 Brown privacy screens by Scenolia

At Scenolia, we are always striving to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and in touch with nature. Our privacy screens feature a wooden pontoon that overlooks the ocean or a forest with beautiful autumn colors. By incorporating elements of nature into our products, we hope to create an experience that is both relaxing and visually stimulating. The dominant brown colour of these blackout covers will give your balcony, terrace or fence a lot of elegance.

PVC or grid; how to choose your brown privacy screen?

Find the brown privacy screen that suits you from our range of blackout privacy screens.  Two versions are available: the printed tarpaulin (PVC) or the blackout privacy screen (polyester). The first one guarantees total occultation which will protect your outdoor haven from indiscreet looks. The second model, which is slightly less opaque, has the advantage of letting in light. This is perfect for a bright space!

Once you have chosen the type of product, all you have to do is select the format of your choice (vertical, horizontal, width, height) before proceeding with the installation of your brown privacy screen.
And for that, we want to reassure you, whether it is on a fence, against a gate or on a wall, the fixing is simple! Insert the clips at the eyelets to attach the tarpaulin and insert the hooks into the slots to hang the tapestry.