Horizontal privacy screen

3m to 5m long privacy screens to decorate your fences and gardens. A horizontal privacy screen from Scenolia will keep prying eyes at bay. Our wide selection of printed images ensures your garden will be unique. With eyelets placed every 50cm around the edges of the screen, it's easy to install. You can easily hang it up using our ties (sold separately) or string.

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When a fence becomes decorative

The palisade screen is a printed PVC sheet that becomes an original fence, placed against a wall or a fence. With a height of 80 cm to 2 m, the large printed privacy screen creates a real barrier between your outdoor area and the road or your neighbours. It maintains your privacy whilst being nice to look at at the same time. It can also be used to protect your terrace from draughts and to provide shade for plants.

The fence screen can replace a hedge thanks to the trompe-l'oeil Virginia creeper and its dense plant pattern. Other trompe l'oeil bring colour to your terrace, such as a coloured wooden garden fence, a field of bamboo, a flowering wall... Landscapes in perspective seem to enlarge the outdoor space, such as a path leading to the beach, a waterfall in the distance in the jungle, a French garden, a field of flowers as far as the eye can see... The grey brise vue brings a design touch to a terrace.

Installing the privacy screen on a fence is very easy thanks to the eyelets all around the edge. The perforations allow a string or special ties (available as an accessory) to be passed through and into the holes in the mesh. The screen should be tightly secured so that it doesn't flap or blow away in the wind..

Your outdoor decoration is now durable, solid and decorative!