Design privacy screen

Protect yourself from prying eyes while customizing your outdoor space with a stylish privacy screen! Our range of privacy screens includes both occulting and original designs.

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Designer privacy screens: combine utility with pleasure

In a garden, near a swimming pool or on a terrace, the privacy screen protects your privacy hiding your private area from neighbours or passers-by. It can also be used to delimit your outdoor space. Or give depth to a balcony and brighten up a tired wall.

Our design privacy screen is easy to install and has everything you need! If you took advantage of this practical occultation element to refine your home decor, you would bet on a design screen that reflects your personality and extends your interior style outside!

Play with colours

Who says that a privacy screen has to blend in with the background? Instead, choose to enhance it betting on the colour! Our multicoloured peas and flowers are the perfect touch for an original garden!

And if you're only into pastel shades, you'll be seduced by the delicacy of our watercolor-inspired breezes. The pale blue and powder pink motifs will envelop your terrace in a veil of sweetness. The green colour camouflages your privacy screen in its natural environment for a successful trompe l'oeil effect.

Geometric shapes are all the rage!

Do you enjoy being different? Bring geometric patterns into your garden! Why not add some interest to your garden with some geometric patterns?

Are you in the mood for lightness? Enjoy the clean lines of our decorative foliage privacy screen which will fill your outdoor cocoon with a rain of leaves. Our watercolor privacy screen's clouds will look like they're dancing on your balcony.

Let your imagination run wild with a design privacy screen that looks just like you!

The beauty of black and white on your terrace

The depth effect of this decorative black and white privacy screen will make your outdoor space appear larger. You will love admiring the bird's eye view of the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge or the New York skyline. Installed on the edge of a terrace or balcony, on a fence or a gate, these privacy screens will provide the desired privacy while conferring an atmosphere of elegant and warm decoration.

And if you prefer a natural atmosphere, here is the  black and white privacy screen on the theme of vegetation. Flowers, jungle, wheat field... these soft and poetic prints will blend in perfectly in your peaceful haven.

Dare to use graphics in your interiors!

Pop art lovers, show your love for the cartoon spirit with this decorative privacy screen inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. And for fans of graphic design, our Mona Lisa is sure to be a hit!

Enjoy urban decoration with our graffiti privacy screen. This very trendy illustration will bring street art into your outdoor space.

How to install your design privacy screen?

Have you decided on the design of your privacy screen? Now you can opt for the horizontal version (opaque printed tarpaulin or light-permeable blackout grid) or a vertical /  square version (hanging).

Our design privacy screen is easy to install! Just insert the soft ties at the eyelets for the tarpaulin, and fix the hooks in the slots for the hanging.

Designed for outdoor use, our decorative privacy screens are weatherproof, cold and sun resistant. Place your privacy screen so as to protect you from the view of others. Hang them on a gate, a fence, or by the pool or on a wall.  Or simply use them in a place where you want to add a touch of originality. The only precaution is to avoid high wind areas!