Original privacy screens

privacy screen is both useful and decorative. It can be used on a balcony, against a fence, or in a garden. A stylish and design-conscious privacy screen will fit in perfectly with your outdoor living space. So don't wait any longer to discover our range and choose a modern and elegant privacy screen!

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Trendy privacy screens: what is the best privacy screen to buy?

Zen bamboo privacy screen

A bamboo privacy screen is the perfect way to create a zen atmosphere in your home.
Turn your fence into a bamboo forest with our imitation bamboo privacy screen. Then let yourself be lulled by the natural and relaxing aspect of this deep green plant. Enjoy the delicacy of its foliage and the robustness of its trunk. Your garden will immediately become a real haven of peace! A little more and you'll think you're in a forest in the Far East. You'll even hear the soft sound of the wind in the leaves…

Our bamboo privacy screen is both stylish and chic! It can be found in a trompe l'oeil bamboo garden design or in a stem or leaf detail print.

A green setting in the heart of its garden

It is not always easy to maintain plants, shrubs and flowers. Let’s create the illusion of a thriving garden with minimal effort by using a trendy green and foliage effect.

This is a great way to create a natural look without all of the work. Simply buy a privacy screen. Voila! You now have a beautiful and serene space that looks like it took a lot of effort to achieve. This privacy screen, which is very easy to install, makes the garden or terrace appear immediately larger and more lush!

Branch of maple, palm leaves, ivy or even lush forest and tropical jungle? We have a wide variety of patterns that you can use to change the atmosphere of your home!

An original privacy screen that makes the most of material

Would you like to install a privacy screen that blends in with your garden or terrace, or even goes unnoticed? Our trompe l'oeil privacy screens are perfect for this! With our faux material privacy screens, you can choose to extend your outdoor space by imitating existing materials or creating a fake atmosphere. We offer you a large choice of privacy screens:

  • This product offers a stone-like look while providing privacy: our more-real-than-life prints will give the illusion of an elegant wall or an ancient stones wall covered in vegetation..
  • Wood effect privacy screen: depending on the decorative atmosphere you wish to instil in your exterior, take advantage of a blackout screen to create a teak palisade, a barrier made of aged wood planks or a fence made of coloured wood strips.

Modern blackout with graphic illustrations

Abstract shapes are more popular than ever in the world of interior design! Get a trendy privacy screen and enjoy the charm and originality of contemporary designs, with dotted lines and spots of colour that adorn these privacy screens. They will give free rein to your imagination while introducing a very designer touch to your balcony or garden!

And for an artfully assumed style, hang a pop art, graffiti, or typography printed privacy screen along a fence or wall.

Which material to choose for trendy Scenolia privacy screens

Our modern privacy screens come in printed tarpaulin and curtain (PVC) or blind (polyester) versions. Are you looking for blackout outdoor total privacy screens to protect your garden or terrace from outside looks? Choose a tarpaulin or a hanging model. If you prefer to let in light, the grid privacy screen will perfectly meet your needs.

As for the choice of print, this step is often complex, all the more so when the selection is wide. This will depend primarily on the decorative style of your home and the atmosphere you wish to bring to your outdoor space. Be sure to trust your intuition when you pick privacy screens!