Paintings and posters by Manjik

This collection of paintings and posters has been created by the photographer Manjik. The author is a travel and landscape photographer. He shares with us his poetic view of the most beautiful places on the planet. Scenolia presents here a selection of photographs printed on textile canvas, acrylic glass, aluminium dibond and non-woven paper.

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Who is the photographer Manjik?

Manjik photographer

Travelling photographer Manjik travels the world, absorbing the richness of cultures and being inspired by the landscapes he discovers. He spends much of his time in many of the countries he travels to photograph: 42 so far, on 5 continents.
He photographs nature, wilderness. He also immortalises the world's impressive monuments, such as the Taj Mahal, but also Argentina's beautiful and discreet streets, and the soft light of the Ranui Chapel in Funes Valley.
Manjik is self-taught: he began taking photos in 2013., at the age of 39. He reworks his photographs in post-production like a painter, enhancing his photos with materials and colours. Manjik does not want to reproduce reality. He wants to offer us dreams and poetry.

Manjik is a reticent artist. He does not want to participate in competitions, he does not participate in exhibitions and it is an honour to meet him. We are delighted to present his work.
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