Vintage canvas print

Interior design with a 50s, 60s and 70s theme is not old school. On the contrary, vintage art deco is a perfect choice if you want to bring a touch of modernity and elegance to your home. In order to dress up your walls, we offer you our magnificent collection of vintage style canvas prints.

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Vintage canvas print for retro interior design

The vintage canvas print, a beautiful way to revive the charm of the past

A retro vintage canvas print is suitable for any room in the house. Living room, kitchen, bedroom... all rooms in your living space can become more trendy with our vintage canvas prints. You can hang your frame anywhere as long as you respect your interior design style, your personality and the colours of your walls. The retro canvas print awakens nostalgia for the past. However, you don't have to be in your sixties to be able to incorporate this type of decoration into your home. If you are a lover of antique objects, do not hesitate to adopt this type of wall decoration combining softness, melancholy and elegance.

Vintage canvas print, a multitude of models available on Scenolia

In our online shop, you have a wide choice of vintage canvas print and retro canvas print. We offer you different models that will surely seduce you and bring an even more stylish touch to your home. For a vintage living room decoration, you can opt for several original motifs and representations such as the vintage car canvas print or the pin-up canvas print. You can also invite nostalgia into your kitchen by hanging a vintage kitchen canvas print on the wall. The vintage kitchen canvas print will bring a warmer atmosphere to this room and make you stand out with a unique style. As for your bedroom, you can opt for prints on canvas or even aged photo effect canvas prints for an atmosphere mixing the most beautiful moments of the past and the present.