Kitchen canvas print

Whether you're after small or large decorative canvases, you'll find the one that fits your kitchen perfectly ?. With its wall-mounted storage units, electrical appliances and imposing worktops, it can be difficult to decorate your kitchen with large decorative items. Available in a range of different styles and sizes, Scenolia's canvases are sure to meet your requirements.

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Colourful kitchen canvas prints

Go for a modern kitchen with our original design wall decorations. If you feel like switching up your kitchen decor, do it tastefully. A new, stylish decorative canvas will bring a touch of freshness. For a total makeover, why not repaint your walls and cupcanvas print doors, create a kitchen island or change your furniture. You'll transform the look of your dining room.

Available in a variety of bright colours, our selection of frames is guaranteed to give you a dazzling kitchen decor. Our fruit and vegetable canvases will whet your appetite and inspire you to get cooking: sweets, raspberries, apples, spices, chocolate, strawberries, coffee, macaroons, cup cake, pineapple... make your kitchen sparkle with a fruit and vegetable themed wall decoration.

For a more understated style, you could choose a design or black and white canvas. Featuring pastel colours and cool tones, these canvases will keep your decor simple and elegant.