Corridor board

We've selected the perfect decorative canvases to decorate your hallway.
Hang a few wall canvases in your corridor and ta-dah! In a matter of minutes, your room will have a whole new feel. The corridor is an area of your home that shouldn't be neglected. Impress your guests with a bright and modern atmosphere.

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Decorating tips for your hallway

Is your home lacking in originality? Is your hallway dark? Let us help you with your hallway design, and enhance this space.
Although small, hallways are important places that connect rooms. If you want you and your guests to take a moment and appreciate this space, wall decorations are a great idea!

Be bold and add some decorative scenes to your walls, like a beautiful bright flowery landscape. You know you're tempted? On bright white walls, canvas paintings are an eye-catcher. Acrylic glass paintings shine and reflect light. Step into your new entrance hall: a truly magical place, surrounded by enchanting and colourful decorations. Add a trompe l'oeil window painting, giving you a taste of the outside. We offer a range of open or closed window scenes, overlooking mountains, beaches, cities...