Green canvas print

It isn't a well-known fact, but numerous scientific studies have proven that the colour green brings a touch of positivity into a room. Incorporating a green canvas print into your decor can also reveal your love of nature. These are two important factors to consider if you want to add this colour to a room in your home.

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Green canvas prints: create a natural and refreshing atmosphere

Hanging a green canvas print like the ones on the Scenolia website (aniseed green abstract canvas, apple green canvas, tea field, mountain landscape, luxuriant forest...) on your wall is sure to bring some positivity into your living space. It will add a natural, anti-stress effect to your decor. Green is without doubt a colour that is known to be particularly relaxing.

Add a green canvas print to your interior

Bringing a touch of green into your home is a quick and easy way to give your room a soothing, fresh feel. Putting a green canvas print on your wall also allows you to play around with the light in your room. Acrylic glass will reflect light and bring out the green tones in your home.

There are other advantages of choosing a green canvas print for your room. For example, you can enjoy a colour that beautifully complements all the other colours in your room. Ideally, this type of canvas should be placed on a white, grey or wood-coloured wall. The jungle trend is just as popular. We recommend a green foliage canvas to match a brown or taupe vegetal decor. If you have warm coloured walls such as orange or yellow, a green canvas will bring a natural touch and a sense of serenity and calm.

Visit our green canvas print section to find the perfect canvas for you. You can count on Scenolia to offer the very best current designs in this colour.