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Welcome to Scenolia, where you can access a world of modern canvas prints. You can choose from decorative artworks, abstract photographies or graphic canvas prints to personalize your space. We offer wall decorations in a variety of formats. You can choose from acrylic glass, textile canvas, and aluminum Dibond. Get to know our beautiful collection of trendy wall art with lots of themes, and choose your favorite design based on your interior needs.

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Our trendy and affordable canvas prints

Wall frame: the perfect home decor for your home, flat, office or shop

Scenolia brings together on your screen more than 50 models of trendy paintings. Our creative and technical teams select each visual with care, and printing is made in Europe.  To ensure that our canvas prints are of optimal quality, they are printed in high definition without PVC, with inks that have very low VOC emissions (A).

Textile canvas, acrylic glass or aluminium Dibond?

The three prints are mounted on a frame that is directly attached to the wall. There is no need for an additional frame. When selecting a material for your print, canvas, acrylic or Dibond, keep in mind the artwork's intended use and the style of the room where you wish to hang it. The printing support should work well with your art and enhance its visual appeal:  

  • If you want a matt finish, textile canvas is a great choice. You can print pictures such as masterpiece paintings on it. It is deal for highlighting the colours of abstract, vintage and soft paintings.
  • Choose acrylic glass for a brilliant look: when you need to make colour contrasts look better, the glossy surface intensifies the colours. A must for photographers!
  • Dibond aluminium is the perfect material to showcase photos ans  designs due to its luminous and matt finish.

Design ideas to modernise your interior decoration

Which trends are found in the most beautiful interiors? Just like fashion, decoration takes many different paths. In order not to make a mistake, opt for large formats which immediately liven up the wall decoration of any room. Let your instincts guide your choices with mix-and-match styles!

The return of pop art for modern and colourful living rooms

Light, color and humor...everything we need to make our daily life easier! Count on pop art to make your wall atmosphere dynamic in the blink of an eye. Mix it up and spice up your living space by using colour to distinguish every room! 

Try the large format for an artist's canvas effect

Give your wall decor an extra touch with the XXL format! Sometimes, all it takes to make a bedroom beautiful is a large canvas print at the head of a bed. 

Black and white photos for a fashionable look 

The beauty of two-colour canvases is irresistible. Black and white photographs will make your interior design timeless. Some people even prefer to replace their mirror with a beautiful contemporary black and white painting… so chic!

Design a sophisticated space with trendy paintings

Scandinavian style paintings and objects will create a zen and contemporary living room

Discover our collection of paintings with a soft Scandinavian touch to highlight your most trendy decorative objects. These very modern canvas prints will bring life to any space — whether it's your home or a commercial space.

An abstract painting in the dining room is great to awaken aste buds 

Unreal, blurred, zoomed in, unstructured or even spiritual abstract art makes our mind travel to the end of the world. We have a search engine you can use to find visuals based on a specific term. Simply type in the word and be surprised. 

Personalise your room with an original decorative canvas print 

Are you dreaming of a cosy sleeping room that reflects your image? To really make your wall stand out, use Senolia's customisation tool. Upload a photo or image to the system, choose the print medium and size your frame with a few clicks.

Add nature into your child's room with a variety of nature canvas prints. These prints will help you create a lively space for your child while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

From a very young age, our little ones need to be stimulated from morning to night. Just like music and food, design can awaken our children's senses. Design matters for all aspects of our lives, so we should carefully take the time to design spaces. If you want to get your kids interested in environmental topics, it's easy to decorate their bedroom walls with visuals that represent nature and animals.