Black and white canvas

It's safe to say that black and white decorative canvases play a unique role in the art of decorating a room. This classic black and white decoration will become the focal point in any interior it's placed in.

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Black and white canvas: give your interior an artistic touch

A black and white design canvas will delicately draw attention to your artistic taste. If you're planning to buy a black and white canvas in the near future, a printed monochrome canvas is bound to give your decor a touch of sophistication.

Putting a black and white painting of Paris or a black and white portrait of an animal on your wall will help you create a one-of-a-kind interior.

Bring balance to your home with a black and white canvas

The contrasting colours of a monochrome canvas is what gives it perfect balance. Whether it's a photo, a graphic design, an illustration or even a portrait, a black and white canvas will bring style and charm to your home. Keep up with the latest trends by choosing a black and white living room canvas. A timeless black and white image will give your home a vintage feel.

Scenolia has a wide range of black and white canvases available: black and white photography, black and white seascape, black and white nature landscape...
Adopting the black and white deco board will be a very good choice to enhance your room. Feel free to browse through our selection of black and white canvases on our online shop. You're sure to find the perfect canvas for you amongst our vast number of styles.

The design touch

Black and white is at the same time a tribute to the history of photographic art, a poetry of light, and a trendy decoration and design. Let yourself be seduced by the lunar, urban, natural landscapes, etc. that Scenolia's black and white paintings offer you.

The high printing quality of the black and white paintings guarantees an exceptional rendering of landscapes and light. Bring a touch of trendy and artistic design to your home. Without colour, the image is graphic with fine shades of grey or very high contrast. For example, the NYC NB picture below has a lot of shades with more or less strong greys so that the eye can distinguish the sky, all the buildings, the windows of the buildings... The shades give us a lot of details in the picture. In contrast, the Euphoria painting below is very contrasting with only two opposing shades: black and white.

  • Giant canvas NYC NB - Black and white photograph of the city
  • Square Plexiglas painting Zebrart - Illustration of the animal
  • Plexiglas painting Euphoria - Black and white photograph of the city
  • Giant canvas print Fastnet - Photo taken in action, in movement

Setting the mood of the room

The atmospheres are available in several materials: plexiglass or canvas for a large-format look that is imposing in the room and gives it a distinct style at first glance. Choose giant paintings, canvas or plexiglass and let your imagination run wild with our multiple formats and textures.

We like the subtle and trendy design touch.