Animal canvas print

Whether they're little or large, you'll love these animals so much that you'll hang them on your walls! Discover Scenolia's collection of animal canvases, featuring dozens of photos of cats, elephants, horses, cows, parrots, gorillas, zebras in both humorous and realistic styles. Why not go for a personalised canvas and display a photo of your pet?

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Beautiful room decoration with a funny animal picture

Whether humorous, photo-realistic, illustrated, colourful or modern, an animal wall frame always gives a presence to a room. Adopt the style that suits you, with a photo of your favourite animal hanging on your wall.

Much appreciated by young and old alike, animals comfort us in our daily lives. What's the value of cuddling a cat in front of the television in the evening? Discover beautiful images to decorate your home: the graphic coat of a zebra, a horse galloping in a meadow, a parrot taking flight, pink flamingos in a luminous landscape, a lion in the bush, a deer in the mist, the portrait of a tiger in black and white, views of the savannah with giraffes or elephants...

Colourful decorations for every room in the house, from a small design deco painting in the child's bedroom to a giant painting for the living room wall decoration! Dare to use colours to explore the world of animals and give your home a wild look. Dare to use a painting or pop art effect, for a modern painting.