World map canvas print

Ready for a journey around the globe thanks to our canvas print? Scenolia's world maps will give you wonderlust. Learn about continents, landscapes and major cities with our educational world maps. Or why not go back in time with a vintage map with a distressed effect, or simply decorate your home with a modern planisphere.

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Large selection of decorative world maps with style

Become a world geography expert! With our collection of printed planispheres, you will know the countries at your fingertips. Do you know all the capitals in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania? With a giant world map in your living room, the 5 continents will no longer hold any secrets for you. Your children will also appreciate a beautiful map in their bedrooms.

Several styles of planispheres are available: Rather design world map board with black and white images, rather modern with a coloured overlay, scholastic with each country coloured and the names of the main countries and cities written, or vintage with an aged map effect printed on an imitation wood support.

World maps are a big trend in interior design. What style of wall decorations do you like best? rather design, trompe l'oeil, photo of landscape?