Trompe l'oeil painting

You like everything that is atypical. For your interior decoration, you want to bet on a decorative object that is both surprising and unique. And what if you could fool your friends with a trompe-l'oeil canvas print? This wall decoration is not only authentic, but also allows you to bring an unusual atmosphere into your home. Discover our collection of trompe-l'oeil canvas prints to dress your walls in a completely different way.

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Trompe l'oeil painting printed on canvas or acrylic glass

The trompe l'oeil canvas print rethinks your living spaces

The trompe l'oeil canvas print is not reserved for the bedroom or the living room. You can use this decoration in any room of the house, as long as you respect the colours of your walls and furniture. There is a multitude of trompe l'oeil decoration canvas prints in the Scenolia gallery. If you want to add a touch of originality to your home, you can find inspiration in the various models on offer. For example, you can choose to decorate your walls with a large trompe l'oeil image to make the room look bigger. You can also choose between a distant landscape canvas print that looks very real, a trompe l'oeil window canvas print that creates an opening to the outside world, a pontoon on the sea that creates a perspective or a realistic wilderness canvas print. Your rooms will be sublimated by this beautiful wall decoration.

Trompe l'oeil canvas print, a variety of colours in your home

Apart from the originality of the patterns, the trompe l'oeil offers an impressive wealth of colour. You can choose between a sober realistic effect or a very colourful one. It all depends on the art deco you want to showcase. Find the canvas print that will bring the atmosphere of your dreams in Scenolia's collection of trompe l'oeil canvas prints and have fun transporting your walls to a completely different atmosphere and to other horizons.