Think big and dare to use HD wallpaper in your home. High-definition wallpapers with multiple patterns will refresh your walls in a flash and
create a modern and unique effect.

High-quality decorations

Decorating your home in high definition

Scenolia offers different kinds of high-resolution wall decorations, depending on the size of your room and your decor aspirations. Our high-resolution wallpapers are available in 5 formats:

  • 3 metre panoramic
  • 4 metre panoramic
  • 12 metre panoramic
  • Single strip (60 x 240cm)
  • Vertical wall decoration (150 x 240cm)

All our wall decorations are available in various materials:

  • premium paper/non-woven paper
  • pre-pasted, non-woven paper
  • Textile fabric

The images we print are chosen with care. We select images from artists, image banks or create them ourselves. A high-quality image is required for photos being printed on a large format. The quality of an image is defined by the number of pixels. For example, for a 3-metre long panorama, the image should be at least 4000 pixels wide. Anything less and the image will appear blurry.

The New York Inside wallpaper, pictured above, was created following the success of our For rent decoration. The perspective and the view of the city behind the window is very appealing. The wallpaper shows a view of New York with a perspective floor, which has the effect of enlarging the room. This rather masculine wallpaper is beautiful and would create a refined atmosphere in an office.

We love a wide choice of images!

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