The motive behind changing your wallpaper is often to modernise your wall decor with something more stylish. Dare to choose photographic decor for a natural, realistic atmosphere.

landscape wallpaper

Photo definition

Photography is the art of "writing with light". The paper used for photo prints is light sensitive. The exposed areas become coloured while the unexposed areas remain white. The term "photograph" refers to the resulting image.

Photographic wall decorations

Scenolia offers original photographic wall decorations. We offer abstract and realistic wall decorations, and a range of high-resolution photo products which are available in large format. Choosing a vertical wall decoration and placing it on a painted wall will give your space a modern touch and give your decor depth. And if you like to think big, check out our high-resolution landscape wallpapers.

Gordes wall (photo above) creates a trompe-l'oeil material effect thanks to the hyper-realistic photo. The white stone wall was photographed without any effects in order to respect the naturalness of the stone as much as possible. The wall looks so real that you'll expect to feel a rough, stone texture when you touch it.

We love the realistic effect of photography.

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