Installation accessory ADHESIVE LANGUAGES
Installation accessory ADHESIVE LANGUAGES
Installation accessory ADHESIVE LANGUAGES

Quickly and easily stick your poster to the wall with adhesive strips. These ingenious fasteners allow you to stick your poster up quickly without making any holes in your wall. They can be removed without leaving any marks.

Adhesive strips for speedy poster hanging

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Tesa® adhesive poster strips: item specifics

Weight supported by 1 strip: 200g.
2 quantities to choose from: 20 or 96 strips.

These adhesive strips can be used instead of double-sided tape. One of their advantages is that they can be easily removed from the wall and don't leave any marks. Our double-sided adhesive strips are a quick, easy way to attach your poster to the wall. This innovative method allows you to hang your decor without making any holes in your wall.

The strips are easy to use thanks to their 2 adhesive surfaces. Remove the protective film on one side and place the strip against your poster. Then remove the second protective film on the other side before finally sticking the poster to the wall. Press the strip with your hand for a few seconds to ensure the paper is stuck firmly.

Spread the number of strips required around the perimeter of the poster at 30cm intervals.

  • 60x240cm: 22 strips.
  • 140x95cm: 16 strips.
  • 150x240cm: 30 strips.
  • 200x140cm: 25 strips.
  • 3x2.70m: 42 strips.
  • 4x2.70m: 48 strips.
  • 6x2.70m: 64 strips