Scenolia, a specialist in large-scale wall decoration, has a wide range of products available to bring your spaces to life. Hang decorative pictures on your walls and personalise your house or flat by choosing a decor that suits you. Modern, designer, classic, zen... create an ambience with your wall decorations.

Decorative paintings on canvas or plexi

Scenolia has several options for canvas and plexi boards. The high-quality textile canvas board is delivered in kit form for all sizes above 1 m. Assembly is easy by following the steps in the instructions. The plexi material reflects like glass and makes the image shine. It is much lighter, so it can easily be hung on the wall with hooks. With sizes ranging from 40 to 200 cm, you will find a decoration that perfectly fits the desired space in your home.

trompe-l'oeil painting of a boat

Discover our wall paintings on canvas or plexi: 

We like: the originality of these paintings!