Give your interior a new look by displaying modern canvases which are made in France and created using Scenolia's patented techniques. There are various textures and formats available, so you're sure to find a product to suit your needs. All canvases are equipped with wooden or aluminium frames depending on their size.

Plexiglass canvas

Scenolia guarantees originality with its Plexiglass canvases. Our printing process ensures high-quality colour and high-definition images. Plexiglas material has a glossy sheen similar to that of glass. We have a number of formats available: square, vertical and horizontal.

Glossy plexi canvas

Giant canvases

Go big with our giant 2m x 1.40m decorative canvases printed on high definition canvas fabric Our canvases come in a kit with assembly instructions that allow you to hang your product quickly and easily. The sturdy aluminium frame holds the full length of the canvas securely in place, guaranteeing a strong canvas that can be hung on your wall in a flash. Let the breathtaking realism of our large format canvases amaze you every day!

modern canvas

Fabric canvases

Brightness and simplicity are the order of the day with our fabric canvases. They come in a wide range of formats which can be adapted to any room in your home and are easy to install and maintain! Small and medium size decorations to brighten up a small corner of your room or a child's room...

Fabric canvases

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