Wall decoration Map of the world

Decorative world map, wall map, planisphere

Map of the world

Share your appetite for travel and opt for a modern, graphic world map. For a contemporary decor look, dress your walls with a vintage monochrome or coloured world map canvas or panoramic wallpaper.

On our online wall decor shop, you'll find world map images for sale in the form of wallpaper, posters, hangings and pictures.

We offer a large collection of images from around the world: classic, vintage, coloured world map, illustrated world map, black and white world map, school world map... you're sure to find THE map for you amongst our large collection.

Canvas print world in hemispheres
Red world map wallpaper
RED MAP Wallpaper
Map Of The World - Earth By Night - Giant poster
WORLD BY NIGHT Canvas print
Map of England
BLACK MAP wall hanging

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World map wall decorating ideas by the Scenolia team

Install a beautiful, large, vintage-style world map wallpaper on your living room wall to give your TV corner a charming look.

Why not hang a world map wall chart in your kitchen and be inspired to cook dishes from foreign lands?

Décoration murale Map of the world

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The map is also useful for teaching your children where the countries you're planning on travelling to are located. Learn about the important countries and cities of the world with a Scenolia world map. Decorate your home with a beautiful planisphere labelled with the names of the countries, or a map showing the capital cities - whichever you would prefer to learn about.

Wallpaper map of the world - Blue
Vintage black and white world map
Green world canvas priint
Splash the world canvas print

Large format world map poster, canvas print and wallpaper

Canvas world map wall frame for living room (in French or English)

Decorate your living room with the world map that suits you. Scenolia offers paintings and canvas adapted to your living space. You can find world maps with the names of the countries and main cities labelled in English, and others with the names of the countries in French with drawings of famous locations. Want a material other than canvas? Try our acrylic glass or Dibond pictures.

Canvas pictures are delivered in kit form. Easy to assemble, this system reduces transportation costs, allowing us to offer you the best possible price. Our step-by-step installation instructions are included in each package. The high-quality textile fabric is easily attached to the aluminium frame without the risk of it being torn or distorted. Resistant to moisture and water, it can also be used in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and spas.

Stylish poster: vintage, wood effect, design...

Scenolia offers a wide range of world maps: Vintage style, wood effect, black and white, school, coloured... there's something for everyone, no matter their style. If you're still searching for something to match your style, take inspiration from our suggestions in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Picture the world map in your own home with the help of product photos from our customers or our own product staging. The furniture colour and selected decorative accessories will give you inspiration on how to decorate your home. Use our tips and ideas to create your own personalised graphic wall decor.

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