Wall decoration London

Wall decoration London


Discover our 100% London collection with a range of wallpapers, posters and canvases designed for a modern, stylish decor. Big Ben, English taxis, double-decker buses, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge... bring some of the British spirit into your home!

London, the capital of England, is the largest city in the UK. With the Thames running through it, it really is a beautiful city. Scenolia offers you a selection of the most beautiful photos of London in pictures, posters and wallpapers. Show how much you love this city, and go for a full-on London style deco!

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The team's decorating tips

London-themed decor looks great in a bedroom. Hang a large London wallpaper at the head of your bed to really cement your style. You can play around with the colours of the British flag by adding themed accessories or by painting one of the walls of the room red.

Complete the London style with a London-themed rug or bed linen. If you want to capture a feeling of wanderlust, you can even hang postcards of the city on the wall.

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We are confident you will find the right London photo among our wall decorations. The English capital is full of historical, scenic monuments, so take your pick! Choose a black and white image of the city of London, a photo of Big Ben, a drawing of a symbolic telephone box, a giant flag picture, a view of Westminster, a Tower Bridge wallpaper...

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