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Are you looking for a wall decoration for your office? Opt for a giant wallpaper for an original decoration. Keeping this room as bright as possible is very important. Choose a light-coloured wallpaper. Thanks to the Scenolia selection, find wallpapers adapted to this room.

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Which wallpaper for an office?

To decorate your work space at home, you may want to choose a stylish wallpaper. Discover our ideas for your office wall decoration. We have prepared a small selection of images that would look great in this room.

Choosing a large format wallpaper to decorate your office

First of all, you will ask yourself what colour wallpaper to choose for an office? Choose light, sober colours (grey, white, beige, blue...). These colours will build a bright base for your modern office. Then, choose a atmosphere to feel good and in an environment conducive to work. Some may prefer an urban atmosphere, reminiscent of a corporate office. You can then choose tapestries such as Paris la Seine, Along the cables or Beautiful view. When some need nature and escape to find inspiration. Giant photos that will fit in your home in this case will be countryside, forest or tropical nature images, such as San quirico, Tropical greenhouse or Mist in forest. World maps are also recommended in a home office. You will be able to feel like you are in a multinational company and pin items on the map to the places in the world you are connected to.

A short guide to choosing wallpaper for a professional office

Companies often have often aseptic, white and sober premises that are totally impersonal and without charm. However, more and more companies are investing in decorating and furnishing their workplaces to make them more pleasant and welcoming. Decorating your walls with wallpaper can help you feel good at work. Choose a trompe l'oeil wallpaper with soft colors to make an office look nicer. Even better, if it is a small office with only a few people, let them choose the office decoration. When workers feel more involved in their work, it contributes to their well-being. There is evidence that well-being at work increases motivation and therefore productivity. Do not overlook these aspects of your employees' lives. A comfortable, work-friendly atmosphere will help your employees in their daily work.

Some popular office decoration trends include adding panoramic views

Let yourself be tempted by a panoramic wallpaper in a large room. Wall decor will be even more beautiful and modern. For a trompe l'oeil effect, choose a photo of a city behind a glass roof, for example, or a winter garden for a natural look. Plants are also a popular decoration in offices. A panoramic nature wallpaper will also be appreciated to bring greenery into your office. A colourful interior is conducive to cohesion and concentration. There are several options available to you among the choices offered: jungle, scandinavian style, vintage motif, city photo, trompe l'oeil effect, imitation wood decor, landscapes with flowers...

Office wallpaper of jungle

What colors should you choose for your wallpaper?

Colours can have a psychological effect on the behaviour of employees. The choice of colours has an impact on the environment. It is not necessary to put colour on all the walls, it can even become oppressive. A wall covering is often sufficient. To keep the office as bright as possible, keep the other walls white or in a light colour. Warm colours such as yellow, orange and red promote brain activity and are stimulating. They also promote exchanges between people who work. Cool colors such as green and blue represent a calmer office, which is conducive to reflection, concentration and more solitary work. You can also mix and match your favourite colour with more neutral  colours: yellow and grey tapestry, blue and brown wallpaper, green and beige panoramic decor for example.

How do you put up non-woven wallpaper in an office?

Once you have chosen your decoration, the non-woven wallpaper must be stuck down. You can call in a professional team, or you can choose to install it yourself, as non-woven paper is easy to apply in the office. The space is large and you have plenty of room for your wall decoration. Start by gluing your walls with a roller and suitable glue. Regardless of the finish chosen (strips or one-piece) and the format (single strip or panoramic), start by placing the wallpaper on the wall vertically. Make sure you take the time to position the first strip or the start of your one-piece wallpaper correctly. This is very important and will make it easier to lay the rest of the decor. Position the top of the paper first and then lower it to the ground. Our non-woven paper can be repositioned if necessary. Remove any bubbles with a flask. Repeat the process on the other end of the wall, gluing it down gradually. Trim excess paper from the ceiling and floor at the end of the installation. Glue the corners together with the brush if necessary. And there you have your non-woven wallpaper in your office. You can now rearrange your furniture and work area to better suit your needs.

Scenolia, the office wallpaper specialist

Scenolia prints all wallpapers on non-woven or textile fabric in Europe. Get free delivery on your order throughout Europe with no minimum purchase. Our typical turnaround time is a few working days because we print on demand, either for panoramic products in one piece or in strips. Our online shop offers more than 400 models of office wallpapers at low prices to satisfy all workers. Scenolia has been a specialist in large format printing for over 30 years and guarantees the quality of your office wallpaper, both regarding printed materials and high definition images. Trust us to decorate your room. Our wallpapers' colors last over time and do not fade.