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Quarter baths are often neglected when it comes to interior design. And yet, this small room has a ton of potential in terms of its decor. For a harmonious home, don't let your quarter bath decor fall to the wayside. At Scenolia, we can help you spruce up your quarter bath wallpapers. Let your creative side take the lead with our range of quarter bath wallpapers.

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Wallpapers and tapestries for quarter baths

Why choose quarter bath wallpaper?

The quarter bath wallpaper is an ingenious way of making a statement in the smallest corner of your house or flat. This essential room will become more elegant and welcoming with this type of wall decor. Opting for our quarter bath wallpaper will allow you to create a beautiful atmosphere in this room. Decorating this space with a

quarter bath tapestry is also a great way to reflect your personality.

To find the quarter bath wallpaper that's perfect for you, you can find inspiration from our quarter bath wallpaper ideas found in our online catalogue.

Quarter bath wallpaper: attainable originality

If you're someone who strives for unique interior décor, the range of original quarter bath wallpaper on Scenolia is made just for you. Let your imagination run wild and dare to add a touch of the eccentric to this small space. The decor in this room won't interfere with the design of your living room where you spend most of your time.

Our collection of quarter bath wallpapers features an array of unique designs. There's a large choice of images available in our quarter bath wallpaper collection: geometric, abstract, landscape, soft or bright colours... We offer many models of original wallpaper for WC. From classic wallpaper to humerous wallpaper, you're one step away from bringing perfect harmony to your quarter bath space.