Red wallpaper

Using red in your home interior is a great way to warm the soul, as long as you use just the right amount of red. For a luxurious, chic home, dare to cover your walls in this gorgeous colour. On Scenolia, your specialist in original interior decor, you'll find a beautiful collection of red wallpaper which will add a touch of elegance to your walls.

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Red wallpapers and tapestries

Red wallpaper for a powerful interior

A harmonious, happy home is good for your well-being. Furniture isn't the only way to inject some personality into your home, your walls should also match your style. If you're looking for originality, what could be better than a red tapestry to cover your walls. This type of interior decoration gives your home a warm, welcoming feel. A patterned red wallpaper will accentuate the beauty of your wall decor. It's a colour that can energise a room whilst still maintaining a chic vibe.

How to use red wallpaper and tapestries for maximum effect

If you want your interior to look on trend, avoid monochrome decor. Instead, combine a red photo wallpaper with other colours. For more contrast, use decorative accessories that match your bright red wallpaper or your glossy red wallpaper. Our red non-woven wallpaper is particularly suitable for the kitchen and dining room. We have a large choice of red kitchen wallpapers available in our gallery. However, nothing's stopping you from doing your own thing and introducing this intense colour to other rooms in the house, such as the living room or bedroom.

Do you want to transform your home into your own cosy, original space? For stylish wall décor, you can count on Scenolia.