Non-woven wallpaper

Welcome to the time of easy-to-hang wallpaper, which sticks without effort and does not tear. Introducing the revolutionary non-woven wallpaper! Its numerous advantages are sure to entice those who enjoy wall decoration.

If you are looking for non-woven wallpaper, you have come to the right place; Scenolia has a wide range of non-woven wallpapers among which you will definitely find what you are looking for.

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Scenolia non-woven paper: easy-to-install wallpapers

What is non-woven wallpaper?

Traditional wallpaper as we know it is made of paper, while non-woven wallpaper is made of cellulose and textile or polyester fibres compressed with a binder. This wall covering revolutionised the wallpaper market some twenty years ago, and has since held the upper hand in wall decoration.

Why choose non-woven wallpaper?

 This wallpaper has plenty of advantages:

Easier to install

The main advantage of non-woven wallpaper is its ease of installation. It is estimated that this type of wallpaper can be installed 30% faster than conventional wallpaper. How is this possible? Because there is one less step in the installation process: no more pre-gluing on a wallpapering table and waiting for the wallpaper to expand. With non-woven wallpaper, the wall is directly glued with a roller and the wallpaper is laid dry. And in addition to being simple, this product is also cleaner!

If you are new to wallpapering, you can easily hang your first wallpaper!

Hidden wall defects

Another special feature of non-woven paper is that it is thicker than traditional wallcovering. This means that there is no need to prepare the wall prior to installation. The installation itself will be sufficient to cover imperfections such as roughness, cracks or surface irregularities. This is an advantage not available with traditional wallpaper, which is thinner.

Better quality

The composition of non-woven wallpapers makes them a particularly durable covering. Whereas there is a risk with traditional wallpaper that it may expand or tear, you will not face these problems with non-woven wallpaper. This quality wallpaper ha a longer lifespan than its predecessor.

A painless drop-off

With non-woven wallpaper, easy installation means easy removal! The wallpaper can be removed in one piece, so forget about the wallpaper remover! This trendy interior wallpaper is ideal for those who like to change their wall decoration regularly.

Non-woven wallpaper by Scenolia

How to hang a non-woven wallpaper?

To install your non-woven wallpaper, it’s easy! Follow our tutorial:

  • Choose the location of your non-woven paper.
  • Glue the wall with a roller or brush on the edges.
  • Hang the wallpaper.
  • Mop with a brush to remove air bubbles.
  • If necessary, adjust the paper to the size of the wall using a cutter and a scraper.
  • In case of excess glue remaining, use a sponge

And since the pose is very neat, you don't even need to put on work clothes!

Learn how to maintain your non-woven paper

Good news: the non-woven wallpaper is resistant to humidity. So use a damp sponge or cloth to clean it. You can also lightly rub the paper where there are stains. Work from bottom to top to prevent any run-off and avoid scrubbing too hard. Finally, use a dry cloth for the finishing touches. On the other hand, forget about any products such as cleaning agents which could damage your beautiful landscape wallpaper.

Why choose non-woven wallpaper to paint?

Wallpaper or paint? This is often the big dilemma when it comes to rethinking your wall decoration.

Although paint is a very attractive wall covering, it is not the most practical one, as it requires perfect preparation of the wall and protection of the floor and furniture in the room. After an undercoat, at least two other layers will be required for optimal rendering. The smell will then be strong for several days.

This is where non-woven wallpaper comes in. This high quality and very modern wallpaper stand out for its many advantages seen below, making it much more attractive than its cousin, paint.

Choosing your non-woven interior wallpaper with Scenolia

Last advantage: the non-woven paper offers immense creativity.

Prints galore

At Scenolia, a French manufacturer of wall decorations, we are passionate about beautiful coverings, which is why we have designed a range of designer wallpapers. Want a beautiful landscape? A trompe l'oeil photo? A panoramic view? A fake material effects? An original illustration? A nice graphic design? A vintage look?

These are all the models we offer in our catalogue of non-woven wallpapers.

Going crazy with decorating

Because it is easy to remove, this interior wallpaper allows you to have fun décor. You won't hesitate if you feel like changing your wallpaper; it's so easy. With Scenolia, you will even be able to change your wallpaper depending on the season: winter, summer, Halloween, Christmas... nothing will stop the wall decoration enthusiasts anymore!

The single leaf in force

The trend is towards single strip of wallpaper. The trend is for single rolls of wallpaper. These wallpapers provide a very stylish look. Put a roll here and there throughout your house: on a small wall in the bedroom, in a wall recess in the kitchen, on a wall in the living room? This very modern decoration technique brings a lot of personality to a room.