Giant wallpaper

The giant 150 cm wallpaper is an original format of wall decoration offered by Scenolia. This large format can be used to decorate a headboard, an entire wall in a small room, or cupboard doors.
Multi-purpose, the giant wallpaper is easy to apply. Each package comes with detailed instructions. Our French expertise always guarantees a good-quality print of your giant wallpaper.

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Which giant wallpaper should you choose to decorate your home?

Large selection of giant wallpapers

Scenolia offers a wide variety of images printed on giant 150 cm wallpaper. Landscapes, graphic images, urban photos, trompe l'oeil or the latest design trends, you will find what you are looking for in our online shop. This vertical format makes wall decoration more dynamic. The most suitable images are offered in this format. More than 250 models are available.

If you see a panoramic image in the list, it will be cropped to 150 x 240 cm vertical format. Framing is normally indicated when you select the right format on the product sheet. Should this not happen, please contact us before purchasing.

Headboard wallpaper

The giant 150 cm wallpaper can make a wonderful headboard decoration. Adapted to the size of a 140 or 160 cm bed, the headboard wallpaper brings a decorative element into your bedroom. Make yourself feel good in your home and personalise your wall decoration. A seascape will create a more relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom and will help you to fall asleep. Bamboo trees will create a zen-like atmosphere. Floral or geometric patterns are also popular.

The lower part of the design will be hidden by your furniture. If so, you can easily cut the wallpaper with a cutter, if necessary.