Landscape and nature wallpaper

Scenolia offers you a selection of unique large format wallpaper landscapes: mountain photos, sea views, tropical settings, country trails, enchanted forests and flowery decorations. All images are carefully selected for a beautiful print quality. You're bound to find something you like!

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Nature decoration with a landscape tapestry

Bring nature into your home with a photo of a landscape on your wallpaper. With images in the dominant green or blue, rainforests, seaside beaches, snow-capped mountains, giant foliage, waterfalls or exotic pattern wallpapers, bring fresh air into your room. The countryside scene on your wallpaper will make your interior feel warm and welcoming.

The trompe l'oeil wallpaper enlarges the room by making the horizon recede, with converging lines that provide an optical illusion. . The realism of the landscape is what makes the set so successful. That's why Scenolia offers you full-scale views, which give you the same view as if you were really there! The effect is impressive.

With a wall decoration depicting a landscape, , what surrounds it is also important, such as real plants in front of a panoramic jungle scene with a parrot, or a frame of bamboo decorations placed in front of a giant Zen picture. And for the more urban, many cities are proposed on the site, with wallpapers from New York or Paris, London or Tokyo and most of the big capitals of the world.