Hallway wallpaper

Whether you have a long corridor that serves several rooms or a small, narrow space in a flat, you will find here a selection of wallpapers to decorate your corridor. This area of the house is a place of passage that should not be neglected because it is used every day!
So give these walls a makeover and brighten up your room.

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Which wallpaper should I choose for a hallway?

The type of wallpaper to choose depends on the size of your hallway and the result you are looking for.

Trendy wallpaper for hallway

Are you looking for a cool, fun look to jazz up your dark hallway walls? We can offer you a selection of wallpapers which go perfectly in this area. x7/}

Brighten up your walls with a colourful decoration. Your hallway will instantly become brighter! Choose from a flowery landscape, a scene of the Savannah, or a delicate pastel watercolour. Or go for the black and white pattern, which is ever so trendy in a hallway. Or be even bolder and choose engraved decorations, twinkling cities or geometrical shapes to give it an extra special charm. A small decorating tip for you - by putting a mirror up in this space, it will seem bigger than it really is, making it feel more spacious! x11/}

With our quality materials, installation is always easy. Choose between non-woven wallpaper with an excellent quality/price ratio or washable textile wallpaper, depending on your budget. You can choose between 2 finishes, with the web-exclusive monobloc up to 12 metres long, perfect for decorating long corridors and hallways!

Coloured wallpaper

To decorate the walls of your small entrance hallway, coloured wallpapers are the best alternative. They make the space look bigger and give you a better perspective, and they also make your interior look more exciting.

For your coloured wallpaper needs, Scenolia offers you a wide range of different colours and textures. We have in particular the navy-blue wallpaper, the wallpaper above the clouds, the Cap Ferret wallpaper, the footbridge wallpaper, the stone lagoon wallpaper, etc.

To brighten up your hallway, give priority to wallpaper with light colours. For a better effect, combine it with small furniture in complementary colours. Alternatively, choose coloured wallpaper with your favourite colour, but which fits your hallway.

Imitation natural stone wallpaper

The natural stone wallpaper is suitable for small corridors and narrow spaces. It is also the best option to give your interior a touch of character or authenticity by adopting the industrial style. For years, this style has been one of the most popular decorating trends because it creates a cosy atmosphere.

To adopt this style in your home, we offer you different models of imitation natural stone wallpaper, such as the beige stone wallpaper, the white stone model, the camelot wallpaper, etc. To complete your wall decor, combine it with vintage elements or retro details.

Wallpaper with geometric patterns

It is one of the wallpapers that give order and structure to a hallway. It also adds an original touch without visually cluttering the hallway with too much design. Moreover, it fits perfectly with the interior decorations. We have a varied selection of a wide selection of geometrically patterned papers to decorate your hallway. These include origami, geometric gold and Ibiza wallpapers.

What other papers should you choose to decorate your hallway?

Apart from the previous wallpapers, here are the models you should prioritise to revamp your hallway decor.

Imitation wood wallpaper

The imitation wood wallpaper is one of the classics, timeless and modern wall coverings. Its rustic, country style provides comfort and a warm atmosphere, and can also be used to create a country house atmosphere in a narrow, dark hallway.

For lovers of Scandinavian decoration, the light wood wallpaper is ideal. For those who prefer comfort, we also have the log wallpaper which gives the illusion of living in a mountain chalet. This wall decoration is simple and warm, and it goes well with all kinds of furnishings and interior styles. It also creates harmony and an attractive room transition.

Patterned wallpaper

If you want to make your hallway an eye-catching design area, you should focus on patterned wallpapers. They give a room a dynamic feel without overpowering it, and are perfect for a narrow corridor or a long, neutral hallway.

If you are looking for patterned wallpapers, Scenolia offers the Touch of Spring, Laura, and Dark Jungle collections. The Touch of Spring wallpaper is a non-repetitive foliage pattern wall covering. As for the Laura patterned paper, it illustrates a bouquet of colourful and surrealistic flowers. As for the Dark Jungle, it presents a décor of green plants of tropical nature.

Do not hesitate any longer and choose your hallway wallpaper at the best price on Scenolia. You will receive your delivery as soon as possible.