Trendy wallpaper

The decorative power of wallpaper has never been so trendy! Whether you're a fan or just discovering the joys of wallpaper, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. There is a perfect wall paper out there for anyone's creative desires. From panoramic, patterned, and graphic to photographic, these wall papers can be installed in one piece or in strips. Dive into the different worlds of the Scenolia catalogue and select the ideal wall covering that will awaken your interior!

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Scenolia, your trendy wallpaper shop

Are you looking for ways to give your home a new lease on life? Wallpaper is an easy way to liven up any room. Whether you want to create depth in a small room or bring the focal point of your living room to an eye-catching corner, there's a wallpaper for you. 

What is on trend right now in wall coverings?

The most modern : floral patterns and graphic leaves 

It's no secret that nature is making its way into interior design. Whether it's for the sake of mood or escape, the natural world has always inspired people to be in touch with their surroundings. Add some plant-inspired wallpaper to your spaces for a home that’s truly up-to-date. 

Scandinavian inspiration for a simple and natural style

We all know that Scandinavian design is at the forefront of beauty. The organic and calming shapes and colours are the perfect example of this. Look no further for a lasting combination of comfort and aesthetics. 

Where can I find trendy and inexpensive non-woven wallpaper? 

Scenolia offers you a catalogue of affordable wallpapers selected from the most beautiful trends. Choose from our wide selection of wallpaper styles and create the look you’ve been dreaming ! We have installation tips to help you hang wallpaper with ease. 

Chic and original wall decoration 

How to set the tone with a bold blue or black wallpaper 

To create an entrance to your home that is welcoming inside, think about designing your entrance hall as a soft boudoir or a time capsule full of memories. Choose a dark paint colour or a unique wallpaper colour!

The colour of your living room wallpaper is a hugely important decision. Which one should you choose?

Colours do influence our state of mind and our behaviour. To make your living room feel like home, choose a wallpaper color that reflects your personality.

Stunning imitation material for the kitchen

Okay, here's the thing. The kitchen is both a place for creative expression and a place that you have to go to. That means it deserves a trendy decoration. Our brick, marble, or tile wallpaper is the perfect way to achieve that "material" effect. You can use it as a credenza or on a wall.

A tropical panorama for a sensational dining room

With the jungle wallpaper, it has never been so easy to create a convivial atmosphere for family meals and gatherings with friends! 

How to choose a new wallpaper for a room?

Should you consider using coloured wallpaper or paint for this room?

Paint or wallpaper? The two go hand in hand! You may be tempted to put your favourite wallpaper at the head of the bed, but it's a good idea to paint the other three walls in a plain color. 

Which wallpaper for an adult bedroom?

Both restful and rejuvenating, our panoramic wallpapers for adult bedrooms offer the atmosphere of a cosy cocoon. If your night zone is looking a little too bland for your liking, change it up with some original wallpaper! Add colourful and graphic patterns in strips to give it some quirk.

Which wallpaper should you choose for a child's bedroom?

Scenolia offers a wide selection of trendy, hip, and youthful wallpapers for teens. They come in a variety of styles including playful, stimulating, enchanting, picturesque, or cheerful designs. It's high time to decorate their little kingdom! You can either do it by theme or by activity.