Industrial wallpaper

Industrial wallpaper: a loft trend in your home Are you looking to personalise your decoration? Are you looking to add a touch of depth to your living room? Well then, the industrial effect wallpaper is for you, enabling you to create a loft vibe in your home. This model steps up the personalization of your home, with several versions available on Scenolia.

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Industrial wallpaper: a unique style

A loft, in this context, is a former factory, warehouse or commercial space that has been converted into a home. It stands out for its spaciousness, high ceilings and large windows. You can recreate such an atmosphere, regardless of your home's size, by installing a factory wallpaper. The industrial decoration wallpaper will surely meet (and probably exceed) your expectations. It can cover an entire room. This wallpaper will help you make the most of the natural light you get in your room.x18/}

Industrial brick effect wallpaper, an authentic touch

The brick walls imitate the style of factories built at the beginning of the 20th century. Used for its insulating qualities, this material has a certain charm to it. And this industrial wallpaper offers you the opportunity to make the most of this style. The black and white versions are elegant and original. However, brick factory wallpapers always bring particularly chic, trendy style to your room, whether red, grey, black or white.

Loft vibe: a trend to match your interior

Whether embellishing a section of your wall, or your whole wall, the loft style wallpaper is bound to enhance any room: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices. Designed to showcase your furniture, especially that made of wood or metal The burnished concrete effect also highlights the vintage style of your decoration. Scenolia prints your order on high quality and easy to install non-woven wallpaper or textile fabric. You will then have a custom-made design, ready to be installed.