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It is important that the interior decoration of a house be of excellent quality in order to provide the occupants with a sense of comfort and wellbeing. One way to create a warm and friendly atmosphere is to line the walls of your home with wallpaper. If you are looking for wallpapers for your home, Scenolia's original wallpapers will be perfect for you.

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Original wallpapers by Scenolia

Set the scene in your home and create a unique interior by hanging an original, unusual wallpaper! Discover Scenolia's original wallpapers: extravagant, high-quality wall coverings, a wide range of modern design wallpapers! Here you'll discover original creations designed to decorate your walls.

Decorate your room with an original wallpaper

Your bedroom is the most important room in the house. It is your resting place and refuge at all times. The decoration must be carried out with care and the original wallpapers we offer are perfect for creating different worlds. You can opt for the original bird of paradise wallpaper, whose colourful floral theme will make you feel good. Looking at this beautiful work of art will be enough to clear your mind of the tensions that are there.

If you love to spend relaxing moments at the beach or going on a cruise, the original navy blue wallpaper is for you. This blue-gradient color totally immerses you in the marine universe and soothes your mind. The effect of this product is similar to that of the original panoramic pool wallpaper. It invites you to relax by the water. Use this wallpaper to decorate your bedroom walls and create a Zen atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. This is the decoration you need to make your bedroom a real protective bubble.

Original wallpaper with big colourful flowers

Use an original wallpaper to decorate your office

Your office also needs to be beautifully decorated to promote concentration and productivity. The confrontation wallpaper is one of the wallpaper products we highly recommend. It presents an elephant coming straight towards you. It's a good way to remember the challenges you face every day and push yourself to do better.

For people whose office does not have a view of the outside world, however, a panoramic city centre wallpaper is more suitable. It shows a couple and their two children buying ice cream from a street vendor. The art style is clean, with sketch-like lines and attractive colours. This is the original wallpaper you need to escape from the heavy responsibilities of everyday life.

Embellish your living room with an original tapestry

The living room is the perfect room to spend time with your loved ones and guests. The decoration must be welcoming and for this, we have several original wallpapers that will satisfy you. The industrial style wallpaper is perfect for people who love the industrial style. It shows an old factory facade with broken windows.

If this decoration idea for your living room doesn't interest you, you can opt for a pink construction wallpaper. Women will love it, with its pink triangles, which get tangled in places. The panoramic colouring wallpaper is also an interesting alternative. This is a mandala made up of plant patterns and small shapes to color in. This wallpaper is really original and invites you to contribute to the decoration of your living room, as you have to colour it yourself

Decorate your hallways with quality wallpaper

Speaking of interior design, corridors are often neglected. Since some of these rooms can be very scary, hanging original wallpaper on the walls of the corridors with original wallpaper can be a game changer. Choose our original wallpaper for your tea room. It features beautiful coloured roses on a turquoise background, which will bring a lot of life to the hallway of your home.

You can also choose a more surprising decoration for this space with the top secret panoramic wallpaper. This one represents an armoured door with very advanced security mechanisms, behind which you could hide your imaginary treasures. This wallpaper is perfect for relaxing people who use this hallway.

Are you looking for a design wallpaper to create a unique interior?

You've come to the right place at Scenolia, an interior design shop offering a wide variety of wall decorations, including a selection of original wallpapers that we know will impress (and tempt) you!

Our original wallpapers are suitable for all rooms in the house: for a headboard in your bedroom for example, in your bathroom, toilet, kitchen... Go on, why not choose our original wall decorations to personalise your interior?

There's a whole selection of models to choose from: vintage wallpapers, 3D effect material wallpapers, trompe l'oeil wallpapers, patterns, landscapes... For a truly stylish, modern and stunning decoration piece, browse our selection! You can be sure to find an image that will make your eyes sparkle with delight, and make your guests jealous.

Why choose Scenolia for your original tapestries?

Scenolia is the perfect partner for your wallpapering needs. We are a English company that specializes in the manufacture of wall decorations and offers a wide range of original wallpapers. These products are classified by:

  • room: living room, kitchen, bathroom, office,
  • theme: landscape, geometric, animals, engraving,
  • format: panoramic, giant, single sheet.

Each original wallpaper offered is made of high quality materials and is easy to apply. Our website provides easy-to-follow instructions for wallpapering your walls. Then consult our catalogue now to discover the original wallpapers adapted to your needs in interior decoration.