Geometric wallpaper

Do you want to give your home a new character without having to do a complete makeover? Wallpaper is an excellent alternative. And what could be more original than a geometric wallpaper to give your living room, bedroom and kitchen a makeover?

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Geometric wallpaper : An art deco wallpaper

Geometric 3D wallpaper, creating groovy kind of atmosphere!

Choosing to decorate your walls with a geometric pattern wallpaper will undoubtedly bring a touch of originality to your home. With its distinct colours, shapes, figures and abstract bodies, our collection of geometric wall coverings will create movement in your home or flat. The different models available at Scenolia provide you with the opportunity to create unique surroundings, and an ultra-modern, sophisticated interior.

3D geometric wallpaper designs available

If you like the art deco geometric pattern, you'll definitely find what you're looking for. From the range of black and white geometric wallpaper, through to the diamond wallpaper with 3D effect or the 3D relief wallpaper, you are spoilt for choice. Our wall decorations are available in various sizes to match your chosen space..

Geometric 3D wallpaper bringing your walls to life

Wall colours and decorations are simply too important to neglect in art deco. With geometric wallpaper, you won't have to buy a big pot of paint every time you want to renovate your interior. Geometric wallpaper enables you to create a surreal, unusual optical illusion, but without the hassle of paint? Your guests will be captivated by the atmosphere created by your geometric pattern wallpaper.

Looking for inspiration, or hoping to createcreate an out-of-the-ordinary ordinary in your interior? Look no further than our catalogue of geometric wallpapers with 3D effects !