Pattern wallpaper

Scenolia's remarkably original graphic wallpapers will tastefully brighten up your home. Thanks to ornaments, modern geometric shapes and stylish designs, the tapestry makes your room a contemporary . We offer non-woven paper and textile fabric which is easily glued to the wall for a quick, accessible installation.

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The deco pattern for a graphic wallpaper

Patterns are the basis of classic wallpaper. When you think of wallpaper, you immediately imagine shapes on the wall: Scandinavian triangle, baroque or floral graphic design, large black and white drawing, coloured mosaic... We also see the decoration of our grandparents' wall, with velvet and large flowers.

Tapestry with a repetitive pattern is being renewed today and offers more elaborate and elaborate ornaments with geometric shapes, trendy colour combinations, around current styles... Everything is allowed and new shapes and materials are constantly being invented, such as pre-pasted non-woven paper, to make it easier to lay and maintain. The wallpaper can be put on, taken off and changed as often as you like, without any constraints.

Scenolia offers you a wide range of wallpapers with patterns, but also wall photos of cities, illustrations of world maps, landscape tapestries... More than 800 original images.