Mountain wallpaper

Mountain wallpaper: give your living spaces depth. Your interior décor can promote a sense of inner calm. Simple, practical and affordable, photo wallpaper is back in fashion. Scenolia offers a wide selection of designs, our mountain landscape wallpaper will take your interior to the next level.

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Choose a mountain wallpaper tailored to your needs

Mountains provide a good dynamic

No matter the country or season, a mountain summit epitomises calmness and self-transcendence. Mountain themed wallpaper will give you a sense of fulfilment and encourage you to excel. Mountain wallpaper will therefore allow you to play with dimension. A panoramic view makes small rooms feel bigger and large rooms more beautiful.

Mountain wallpaper: a wide variety

You'll find a wide variety of mountain wallpapers on Scenolia, from the Alps to the Pyrenees, you see the view from a number of different peaks. Wallpaper this beautiful is bound to help you escape the real world for a moment or two. Our mountain wallpaper can also feature forests, majestic lakes or waterfalls.

A cohesive design to bring your interior together

The success of any interior design is dependent on how well the different elements complement each other. A snowy mountain wallpaper will enhance a modern or Scandinavian living room. If you are looking for a cosy style, forest decor or a sunrise over a mountain landscape will bring warmth to your interior.

Create your perfect wall with our mountain wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to apply and remove, plus we have accessories available on our site to help you with the task. It's important to treat yourself now and then, and with our wallpapers your style can evolve with the seasons. It's easy to switch things up as your tastes change. Our team is always happy help. Choose the theme that suits your personality and pick a suitable size: single sheet, panoramic or fresco.