Wallpapering your home has become a trend again. So everyone is doing it!
Wondering how to wallpaper your wall easily? Thanks to new, innovative materials, such as non-woven, wallpaper is easier to hang than ever before. Our materials (non-woven and canvas) can also be removed cleanly by tearing them off dry.

Non-woven paper:

Non-woven paper

Non-woven paper is made of polyester fibres, cellulose and vinyl.
Weight: 147 g (light)

How to put wallpaper up

Preparing the wall

Before wallpapering, the wall must be in good condition, , clean and smooth. The preparation of the surface to be glued is very important. if there was already wallpaper on the wall, it is likely that your wall is in good condition underneath. The existing wallpaper will have to be completely removed first. If your wall is not smooth, it will be necessary to fill the holes with a suitable product, or to sand your wall. Be patient as it is worth taking care with this step.

Plastering the wall

Ready to put up

Check the straightness of the wall with a spirit level or plumb line. Measure the area to be covered with the wallpaper and mark the wall if necessary. Cut the paper if it is too big, either from the top or the bottom, by cutting off the excess with a cutter and a metal ruler (keep a safety margin of 1 or 2 cm).

The stages of wallpapering

Glue the trickier parts of the wall with the brush: around the door, top and bottom of the wall, corners... Glue the first metre of the wall with the roller. Place the starting edge of your wallpaper vertically on the wall. Then unroll all the wallpaper or lay the strips edge to edge, gluing the wall metre by metre as you go. Use the glue brush to flatten and remove air bubbles. Once all the paper is in place, cut off the excess material with a cutter if necessary. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp sponge. Your wallpaper is up ?.

The accessories needed to hang wallpaper

The choice of glue and accessories is an essential element in ensuring the successful mounting of your wallpaper. Scenolia offers accessory kits and adhesives to go with our different materials. Our accessories are sold separately. Putting up wallpaper is easier with these accessories, specially selected for you. These products have been tested by our team whilst decorating our offices. You can see the results on our blog post. To read it, visit our blog ?.

The two types of glue offered are

White glue
Accessory kit for powdered glue24,90€ Accessory kit for white glue14,90€
Mixing with water to be done yourself.
Glueable surface: 40 m²
Price of glue and accessories: 44,80 €.
Ready to use
Glueable area: 25 m²
Price of glue and accessories: 54,80 €.

You can download our installation instructions when you purchase our wallpaper.

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