Do you have any questions about the smell of the product you've just received?

Don't worry! This is perfectly normal and safe and it doesn’t last.

Some products, especially those on large surfaces such as panoramic posters and wallpapers, may smell upon delivery.

Why is this? Explanation:
As we print on demand, our products are freshly printed prior to delivery. They are quickly packed up and sent to you as soon as possible. This means the ink and the printed material have not had time to air.
Just as a freshly painted wall leaves a smell, so to do our products. Though the smell is strong, it doesn't last long. We recommend you ventilate your room as much as possible to allow the smell to dissipate. In a matter of days, the smell will disappear.
If you have space in a garage or on a balcony, then you can also air the product before putting it on the wall...

Rest assured that all our products are tested by official laboratories and have obtained an A rating for air quality. This rating indicates that our products have very low emissions.

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